TCD Muslim Students’ Association criticised in Council of Ex Muslims of Britain publication

Trinity is one of three institutions looked at by the publication, the others being Goldsmiths University and the University of Warwick

NEWSTrinity College Dublin Muslim Students’ Association (TCDMSA) has come under fire by the Council of Ex Muslims of Britain (CEMB) organisation. The group has issued a publication entitled A Case Study of Islamism on Campus, which criticises TCDMSA alongside groups …


Maryam Namazie speaks at the Phil after cancelled SOFIA talk

Namazie’s speech touched on her struggle against the “culture of offence”

NEWSHuman rights activist Maryam Namazie spoke to the Phil yesterday, on her continued struggle against the “culture of offence”.

The renowned secularist, who was born in Tehran but fled Iran following the 1979 Revolution, spoke at length about her belief


Let Namazie speak

Even if you believe that racist or Islamophobic speakers ought not be allowed on university campuses, Maryam Namazie is neither. She was banned from speaking at Warwick because the SU believed that her ideas were wrong.


Whoever the argument about inviting offensive guest speakers on campus is about, it’s not about Maryam Namazie. Namazie is an Iranian who escaped with her family after the revolution of 1979. She studied in America and began her career aiding