TCDSU presidents look back

To mark the election of new sabbatical officers this week, Matthew Mulligan spoke to past SU presidents to find out what union life was like during their terms.

indepth1It all comes down to how you get started. Joe Duffy got involved for very simple reasons. The future USI president and RTÉ broadcaster was motivated to become involved in SU politics by a desire to dismantle the barriers to …


Past Trinity publications showcase forgotten radical history

Trinity Publications’ history of supporting student media stretches back decades, with magazines of the early 1980s demonstrating an almost alien radicalism to those of today.

indepth1Trinity College has a proud history of student-led activism, counting among our alumni campaigners such as Mary Robinson, Mary McAleese and David Norris. While the yearly marches of the USI have become a familiar perhaps routine sight to present day …


Is anybody listening?

Five students from different universities talk about their experiences seeking help with mental illnesses.

COMMENTThe narrative around mental health is changing. We are living in a society now which strives to overcome taboos around depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder through a campaign of openness and acceptance. We are constantly reminded of the high suicide …