Politicians are making war with the media

Politicians have embraced a new strategy to avoid dealing with difficult questions: discrediting those who ask them.

In 2009 the Obama administration excluded Fox News from a round of interviews with an executive payroll manager due to its unfavourable reporting. They declared that they were a wing of the Republican Party, rather than a news organisation. Jake

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Magnified societies: Tuning in with Trinity TV

One of the most friendly and open societies in college, Trinity Life takes a look at Trinity TV and the role they can play in improving your media skills

“[…]it is not only desirable to have a handle on skills relating to producing media content, it is fast becoming necessary.”

Trinity TV (TTV) is a presence in college which deserves more recognition than it receives. For some students TTV


Council postpones discussion of student media access motion

The motion proposed to mandate the Students’ Union to provide equal opportunities and access to on-campus media outlets

NEWSA motion mandating the Student’s Union to provide equal access to Trinity student media to its events and reporting opportunities, including but not limited to livestreaming opportunities, event access, and the provision of documents has been postponed at the final


Dear standard language police: get back in your box

While some error-laden comments are confusing to read, the majority are still comprehensible. So why aggressively attack commenters on their language errors?

OP-EDIn the age of internet and social media, a lot of people spend their time online. Newspapers often publish articles online before or instead of printing them. Much of the social lives of the younger generations will have been formed


Symphysiotomy and the role of the media

Sarah Taaffe-Maguire outlines why sustained media reporting of this cruel medical procedure and its legacy is more necessary than ever.


Symphysiotomy is a procedure that cuts the symphysis pubis, the joint that holds the pelvis together. It was performed on hundreds of women in Ireland from the 1940s to 1980s. A few cases of symphysiotomy have been recorded in more


Will Snapchat’s new Terms of Service really affect its users?

As Snapchat reveals its new controversial privacy policy worldwide, Caoimhe Gordon investigates whether the worrying revelations will have an effect on dedicated users of the app.


While wandering through campus on a breezy autumnal afternoon, here is a brief summation of what can be heard all around: the crunch of leaves underfoot, the laughter of friends ready to learn, the whispering of a cool breeze through …


The problem with media coverage of tragedy in the sporting sphere

The way tragedies involving sporting stars are reported does no good for no one.

sport1“France is in mourning after three of its leading sportspeople were killed along with their film crew and pilots,” wrote the Guardian this Monday morning, reporting on the tragic deaths of 10 people in Argentina after an aerial collision between …

Tweeting birds in feedback loop

A list of the 250 most influential users of social media in the Irish political landscape features TD’s inactive for years and two government press accounts.


Twitter is a strange beast. Once decried as a place for losers with nothing better to do than share snaps of their breakfasts, it has quickly become a tool of influence, mobilisation and democratisation in various parts of the world. …