A case for manic depressive disorder

The term avoids the binary implications of “bipolar disorder”

Few of us give thought to the names we grant our diseases. William Styron complained that the word “depression” didn’t aptly describe the all-encompassing void that was his illness. Rarely do we relate our cancer to the crab-like appearance after …


Science of anxiety

In January many senior freshman students will sit the annual Foundation Scholarship examinations. Una Harty talks about the science of anxiety and ways of reducing it to help all those sitting exams do the best they can.


Trinity College Dublin offers its senior freshman students a once in a lifetime opportunity; the chance to have all of your tuition paid for five years regardless of your economic background. Other perks of the scholarship include residential rooms free


My experience on mental health medication

Prozac wasn’t a fix-all solution, but it did mark the beginning of the end of my depression.


Depression and self-harm

This brief chapter of my life – which didn’t feel brief at the time – is hazy in my memory. I was in Junior Certificate year, fourteen years old, when I began to spiral destructively into what


The ‘depressed genius’ is a lie

Our cultural conception of the depressed artist as a non-consenting participant in a Faustian bargain, their skills purchased at the cost of their mental health, is helping no-one.

comment1Depression: the illness that launched a thousand lazy armchair-opinions from people who’ve never experienced it. Among them is the idea that it’s a natural correlative of artistic talent. From Virginia Woolf to Robin Williams, we’ve rolled out a medically …