USI expresses concern over spending in higher education institutions

There are numerous examples of questionable financial practices within Irish universities

The Union of Students in Ireland (USI) has expressed concern over the spending of students and taxpayer’s money in higher education institutions, following revelations about the use of finances in colleges across the country, which were outlined in an RTE


The Shkreli  controversy: the frightening power of pharmaceutical companies

Carol O’Brien reports on the story of the dramatic rise in Daraprim’s price by 5500% and describes the greed driven desire of pharmaceutical companies to make a profit at the cost of human health and life.

SCITECHWhen Turing Pharmaceuticals bought the rights to a little-known drug called Daraprim this past September, it didn’t take long for the story to sweep across social media, evoking a particularly fiery response. Immediately after buying Daraprim, Turing raised the price


Delving into the record receipt for Trinity’s consultancy costs

College spend €2.8 million on external consultants to “change management”, during critical period of budget cuts for student services.


Final figures on Trinity College’s external consultancy fees, released earlier this month, show that the university spent €2.8 million to “change management”, over  €2.1 million on financial and information systems, and over €91,000 on new graphic profile, during the three


Budget analysis: helping key constituencies the government hopes will support them come election

With historically low voter turnout among under 25s during elections, there simply wasn’t much incentive to tackle the current issues facing students


The fifth budget of the 31st Dail was clearly designed with an eye to the upcoming general election – while trumpeting headline changes like cuts to the rates of USC, free pre-school childcare and some minor increases in social welfare …