When changing theories challenge scientific reason

Science is not a static state of facts, but a constant flow of change and new ideas.

Science HeaderChangeability is a core tenet of science.  Anyone who loves it, committed to a full four years of it in college or even just bumped up against a module or two would recognise the struggle to keep abreast of the …


‘Awareness is important, almost more so than funding’

Dylan Lynch talks to Dr. Shaun Boomfield, the Trinity physicist leading a novel space forecasting project that was awarded €2.5m in European Commission funding last week.

Science HeaderFor Trinity research fellow Dr. Shaun Bloomfield, the European Commission’s commitment to fund FLARECAST, a project aimed at forecasting solar flares, to the tune of €2.5m is about more than money.

“Awareness is important, almost more so than funding,” he …


Chinese students seek edge at Irish universities

Irish higher education provides new opportunities for a growing number of Chinese students.

indepth1Wang Can, a final-year PhD student, and I are sitting in a cafe in UCD’s Conway Institute. Like hundreds of other Chinese students, the Beijing University of Chemical Technology graduate came to the university through its pre-masters programme. In China, …