Town walks and country walks

Have you forgotten the charm of the outdoors since coming to university in Dublin? Hannah Beresford lauds the simple magic of a walk in an ode to her native Cork.

Health and Wellbeing

I have always loved being outside. I grew up in a house skirted by woodland; our garden backed right up onto the treeline. An inordinate amount of my childhood and teens were spent wandering around this wood …


Ancient British “gladiator” genomes sequenced by Trinity scientists

Genome sequencing in Trinity has cast light on the origins of a set of Roman-age decapitated bodies, found in York.


Scientists from Trinity have sequenced the genomes of a set of individuals discovered in York, England revealing their origins. Archaeological evidence from the skeleton has led the scientists to speculate that the individuals may have been gladiators, soldiers or criminals …


Trinity botanists discover critically endangered new tree species

The discovery happened during an ecological survey in Honduras.


Botanists from Trinity College Dublin, led by Dr Daniel Kelly, Professor Emeritus in Trinity’s botany department in the school of natural sciences, have discovered a new species of tree from the coffee family.

The discovery happened during an ecological survey …