#OscarSoWhite: lack of black awardees at the Oscars

Following ongoing criticism for the dominance of white actors and actresses at the Academy Awards in recent years, Luca Arfini explains why this bias is so prevalent, and discusses what steps are being taken to address it.

The most discussed theme of this famous night, maybe after Leonardo Di Caprio’s belated win, and the widespread comic viral posts about his difficulty in reaching this goal, is for sure the presumed racism of the Academy Awards.

It is


Trinity graduate Lenny Abrahamson gets Best Director nomination at this years Academy Awards

Following acclaim for What Richard Did and Frank, the Dublin born director is one of the many Irish people up for awards

NEWSThis morning the Oscar nominations were unveiled and it was a great year for the Irish. Saoirse Ronan was nominated for Best Actress in Brooklyn, and Brooklyn is also nominated for best picture and adapted screenplay as it is based


And the Oscar goes to… Qatar!

FIFA’s inevitable decision to hold the 2022 World Cup, in Qatar, in the winter shows them to be as out of touch as the Academy Awards, argues Louis Strange.

sport1On Sunday night, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences pulled off a rare feat of irony: the tragicomic, bloated farce of an awards ceremony which the Oscars has become (or has always been?) awarded the accolade of Best …