The Shkreli  controversy: the frightening power of pharmaceutical companies

Carol O’Brien reports on the story of the dramatic rise in Daraprim’s price by 5500% and describes the greed driven desire of pharmaceutical companies to make a profit at the cost of human health and life.

SCITECHWhen Turing Pharmaceuticals bought the rights to a little-known drug called Daraprim this past September, it didn’t take long for the story to sweep across social media, evoking a particularly fiery response. Immediately after buying Daraprim, Turing raised the price


Alli is NOT your Ally

Dylan Lynch details the latest contamination claims circulating around GSK’s weight loss drug ‘Alli’.

Dylan Lynch

Science & Tech Editor

Alli is a weight loss drug produced by the British company GlaxoSmithKline, or GSK, which is mainly manufactured at the Beecham Chemical Plant in Cork, Ireland. The active ingredient, Orlistat, is supposedly effective at …


The power of negative results: how the pharmaceutical industry’s failure to report findings is costing lives

David McCormack

Staff Writer

Industry funded research is more likely to yield positive results than trials funded independently. This has been the conclusion of innumerable studies comparing the published results of trials across many diverse areas in academia.

On the …