Two takes on genetics, race and identity politics

Two SciTech writers give their impression of Adam Rutherford’s December speech to Gensoc and Scisoc

Aisling Greene: Genetics vs. Prejudice


Before the December break, students gathered in the MacNeill lecture theatre for a talk from Dr. Adam Rutherford, the celebrated geneticist, author, and broadcaster. GenSoc (the genetics society)  and SciSoc (the science society) hosted the


Voting for The Man

Rory O’Neill dissects one of the most shocking election results of our time

“Whilst Trump is undoubtedly horrendous, and the rest of this article will proceed from that premise, none of this is of any explanatory value in understanding what happened.”

Donald Trump’s election as President of the United States has left the


Our sense of foreboding has rung true and it’s a deafening sound

Zahra Khan describes the dumbfounding fear she felt as the electoral votes began to clock up in favour of Donald Trump, America’s 45th President

“We were never prepared to expect a man who wished to bar all Muslims from entering the US. We were never prepared to expect that the Majority would agree.”

I did not wake up to the shocking, soul shattering news …


#OscarSoWhite: lack of black awardees at the Oscars

Following ongoing criticism for the dominance of white actors and actresses at the Academy Awards in recent years, Luca Arfini explains why this bias is so prevalent, and discusses what steps are being taken to address it.

The most discussed theme of this famous night, maybe after Leonardo Di Caprio’s belated win, and the widespread comic viral posts about his difficulty in reaching this goal, is for sure the presumed racism of the Academy Awards.

It is