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Written in the stars: does zodiac compatibility really matter?

Kelly Millikan explores whether astrological compatibility is really significant, or whether we are using starry-eyed love as a comfort blanket for the tough times we live in

The study of astrology is almost as old as civilization itself and is said to have originated in the cradle of humanity, Mesopotamia. Astrologists have kept track of the stars and correlating patterns since the third millennium, but over time …


Lessons from love and longing

With Valentine’s day fast approaching, six students offer timely reflections on what they have learned from relationships, romance and accidently uploading naked selfies to Facebook.


Love is kindness

Orlaith Traynor

When I was 19, I hurdled into that powerful force field they called love. His name was Joe. It all seemed to equate to an intoxicating mesh of endless hand holding in the car and …