Jailbreak teams raise €46,929 during first 12 hours of race

Travelling as far as Poland, the teams are now scattered across ten countries and still on the hunt for “Destination X”

Following an eventful 12 hours, Jailbreak HQ has released the third clue of the race, bringing the 166 teams one step closer to “Destination X”.

The clue read: “Most of you have left the Emerald Isle, Whilst many are outside


More than 166 students race around the world for Jailbreak

College students have 36 hours to reach a secret location revealed in a series of clues

Today 166 third level students are taking part in the iconic Jailbreak race. The competition started this morning at 9am from Collins Barracks, Dublin. In teams of two, the students have 36 hours to travel to a mystery location somewhere …

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Trinity’s first ever Teddy Bear Hospital

Making hospital “bearable”, the Trinity Paediatric Society hosted an event on Saturday afternoon to familiarise children with healthcare environments.

Saturday 4 March saw a successful Teddy Bear Hospital event, the first of it’s kind to take place in Trinity. Set up in in Trinity’s Sports Centre and with entry free of charge, this event was run by Trinity’s Paediatric


Trinity scientists make discovery on cancers and the immune system

Scientists from the Smurfit Institute of Genetics made the discovery, which will be published in the journal Molecular Cell


Trinity scientists have discovered how certain cancers send a “wound-healing” message from tumour cells to hijack the immune system for their benefit, tricking it into helping rather than harming them.

The immune system primarily protects us from infection, but cells


€14m of education budget to tackle increasing numbers of third-level students

The figure marks a third of the €36.5m investment in third-level education announced in Budget 2017


€14m of the government’s investment in third-level education announced in Budget 2017 will be allocated to dealing with the increasing numbers attending public-funded institutions. Minister for Education, Mr. Richard Bruton announced the breakdown of how the €36.5m allocated to third-level …


Trinity College has collected €950,000 in student fines

Statistics collected since 2012, making Trinity the highest fine collector out of the Irish College network


Trinity College (TCD) has generated almost 950,000 since 2012 from fining students. These were comprised of late library returns, breaches of codes of conduct, late payment of fees, late registration for modules, parking violations and on-campus accommodation.

Late library


The USI’s plan to tackle rent crisis

USI President Annie Hoey outlines her long-term solution to rental problem in Ireland


As part of their campaign for Homes-For-Study the Union of Students in Ireland (USI) recently wrote a submission to the Public Consultation outlining their strategy to combat the ongoing problems in the student private rental market. The USI have been