Queerphobia in secondary schools a symptom of far greater problem

Both the passive and active tackling of homophobia in schools is directly undermined by the hegemony of the Catholic church over Irish education.

In the wake of the controversy caused by Coláiste Eoin’s “postponement” of a ShoutOut workshop on queerphobia, it seems unlikely that you could come across someone who hasn’t given the subject of queerphobia in secondary schools some thought over the …


School cancels anti-homophobic ShoutOut workshop

“We have never had a school directly refuse entry to us based on what we do”


Colaiste Eoin, an Irish language secondary school in Stillorgan, this morning cancelled a volunteer-run workshop aimed at tackling homophobic bullying.

ShoutOut, an LGBTQ charity founded by former Trinity student Eoin O’Liathain that aims to bring about “open discourse around sexual …