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“Sometimes the challenge chooses you”- DU Clinical Therapies and BioSoc welcome Mark Pollock

Trinity alumnus Mark Pollock was welcomed to campus to give an inspiring talk today, having overcome disability not once, but twice in his life


Pollock launched his discussion with a simple sentence: “Sometimes the challenge chooses you.” The business graduate has had many a challenge to overcome and proved to be a highly motivational speaker.  

Competitor or Spectator?

In 1998, Pollock was studying business


Professor Brian Cox addresses the Phil to talk populism, philosophy and physics

Trinity Life editor Úna Harty heads along to the Q&A session with the Manchurian popular science communicator Brian Cox


Particle physicist Professor Brian Cox descended upon the GMB this afternoon to greet science and non-science Trinity students alike. The ‘Wonders of…’ presenter and the author/co-author of over 950 scientific publications and brought this rhetoric to the chamber with his


Jeremy Paxman at Law Soc: Unafraid of saying exactly what he was thinking

Shane Kenneally reports on Paxman’s visit to Law Soc last Friday afternoon


The GMB’s peach interior walls began to bulge from the size of the crowd prior to Jeremy Paxman’s talk delivered to the Law Society last Friday, November 4. There was a peculiar uncertainty emerging in idle chatter overheard in snippets …