Student life is over-reliant on social media

From politics to societies, every aspect of student life is inseparable from a social network

Student life has changed over the years, and so too has the world’s youth naturally adopted new technologies and norms. Social media has become an irremovable part of our social circles now, and that doesn’t look to be changing any


South Africa vs. Ireland: Comparing student life

An insight into the lives of students in an often overlooked country.

South Africa. You’ve heard about it on the news. You watched that movie with Morgan Freeman in it. Your aunt possibly even told you about her trip around some vineyards over there. But what is it like to study in

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From Halls to houses

What are the difficulties and challenges that are faced during the transition from Trinity Hall to a new house?

This past academic year, I was fortunate enough to live in Trinity Hall in Rathmines. This coming autumn I will be living in a house with four of my friends. The biggest differences: rent, electricity, gas, and the oh-so-precious wifi.

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No money, no problem

If you run low on money as the holidays stretch on, here is a list of free Dublin attractions to fuel your need for a city adventure.

Summer can be tough on your bank account at times; whilst the majority of people who stay in Ireland for summer are working to save money, it’s general knowledge that the day after payday can be a harrowing experience. You


What I’m Really Thinking: Limited edition access to a final year student’s thought process

As students flock to the pav and the cherry blossoms begin to bloom, Blaithin Sheil looks back at her time in Trinity

So what’s the plan? What are you going to do? Are you talking about this summer, or, like, life? Every final year student hates being asked what is next. It only reminds you that you don’t know, and that you’re


A place to call our own

Alice Whelan discusses the need for a student centre and the upcoming referendum regarding its creation in Trinity

The Need for a Student Centre

“As the college grows, the consequences of not having a student centre, or even simply a seating space for students, becomes increasingly evident.”

Though Trinity is lucky to have a leafy and historic campus,

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The survival tale of a Schols candidate

The challenges of sitting Schols exams and the madness that can ensue are discussed by MSISS student Devin Connolly, as he dissects his recent experience


Trinity College’s electing of Foundation Scholars is a long-established tradition, and the term “Schols”, derived from “scholarship”, has over the years come to mean much more than simply an imbursement or an award based on excellence. It is a set

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Five places to get a carvery: Student-style Christmas dinner

Mary Hartnett reviews the top five restaurants where students can get some beautiful Christmas carvery dinner to really get into the Christmas spirit


The Dublin food scene has an ever-growing wide array of cuisines to choose from, from Mexican burrito joints and Italian pizza places to Chinese buffets and Greek cafés.  However, as the evenings close in and December 25th becomes more of

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The ten most Trinity Christmas presents you could get

From smoking pipes to croquet mallets, Hugh Whelan informs us about the ultimate Trinity Christmas gifts

The Christmas season is upon us. One of the perks of this joyous time are the presents. A Trinity Christmas gift is extra-special, and here is the definitive list of what you can expect to receive as a Trinity student.


Kieran McNulty: Advice for my younger self

Transition Year student Alex Varley quizzes TCDSU President Kieran McNulty on everything from his pet peeves to bad college food


What happens when a Transition Year work experience student is given free reign to interview Student Union President Kieran McNulty? Think Desert Island Discs meets the last page of the Sunday Times magazine.

Q: What’s your standard morning routine?