An aerial view of Freshers' Week 2016.

It’s time to let societies into student politics

We could be entering a new era of student activism, but only if societies are allowed in.

So far, almost every angle of the Dublin University Gender Equality Society (DUGES) name-change debate has been explored. However, the events of recent months are simply threads in the knot of a greater issue: the involvement of student societies in


The bloated egos of student politics

For many, student politics is nothing more than a parade of self-centredness

There are, as ever, many confusions to be found in student politics. The emerging confusion, however, is best embodied by the self-interested individual: the person who waves the flag for political virtue, but whose every action suggests that they are


Fifth students’ union council round-up

Read our round-up of proceedings here to catch up on what you missed.

Last nights’s council saw Vice Provost Linda Hogan outlining the trajectory of the Trinity Education Project, a debate on bell-curve grading and updates on proposals for student counselling staffing and the introduction of a sun-room in Goldsmith Hall.

Trinity Education


We need better class representation

The Class Rep system is dysfunctional, undemocratic, and too easily marginalised by College bodies.

COMMENTThe Students’ Union Class Representative election season came and went without much fuss two weeks ago. You may have noticed the rather haphazard polling station in the Arts Building, laden with multi-coloured ballots manned by friendly SU-types beckoning people over