White people shouldn’t have all the answers

A past volunteer’s critique and defence of short-term volunteering in the Global South

We grow up being encouraged to help those less fortunate than we are. We should “help those who cannot help themselves”. This seems like a mantra that can only be admirable. Most of us have contributed towards charitable efforts in


Sizing Up SUAS: The Guys Behind the Green

Trinity Life sits down with the president of SUAS to find out about the many worthwhile opportunities provided by one of Trinity’s most prominent volunteering societies


 “Their primary message is one of empowerment, with their main ethos focused on a dedication to combating social issues through volunteering and activism”

We have all seen the green t-shirts out in force around campus during Freshers’ Week. We stopped


New student volunteer resource launched in third level institutions is a volunteering portal which is the first of its kind in the world

NEWSThis week saw the national launch of, an online resource designed to offer students easy access to volunteering opportunities.

The new service will give over 100,000 third level students access to around 8,000 registered Civil Society Organisations, including Barnardos