Students Against Fees to be independent of, but work alongside, TCDSU

On Wednesday, an open meeting was held by the group, centred on the campaign’s structure, ways to expand it, and future action

On Wednesday 16th March, an open meeting was held by the Students Against Fees group. The meeting was centred on the campaign’s structure, ways to expand it, and future action that should be taken.

Regarding structure, there was a …


We need a grassroots movement against fees

It’s time for us to take our place in the international student movement against austerity and the corporatisation of our universities.

The current sabbatical elections come at a pivotal time for the Irish student movement. The Cassells Report on funding Irish higher education is, according to all reports, set to recommend a student loans system accompanied by an increase in fees.


Presidential candidates criticise the SU for failing to support Students Against Fees group despite union mandate

This comes after the majority of candidates signed pledges promising to oppose fees if elected at a small SAF rally on Monday.

NEWSThe current sabbatical officers of Trinity College Dublin’s Students’ Union (TCDSU) have been criticised by some candidates in the SU elections for failing to adequately support Students Against Fees (SAF), a group established to oppose the introduction of student fees


First Year, first rally: marching in solidarity with the TUI through the perspective of a recent activist

“This was to be my first student protest in Trinity, and it was everything I had expected it would be”

COMMENTYesterday at one, Students Against Fees held a rally and march in solidarity with the Teachers Union of Ireland’s (TUI) Institutes of Technology strike. The march was organised to “show solidarity with the Teachers Union of Ireland strike over the …


Students Against Fees Plans Expansion To Other Universities

“There was discussion over sending members of Students Against Fees to other universities to talk about how they had initially set up in Trinity to help those intending on setting up their own branch.”


A meeting was held yesterday evening regarding the issue of incoming student loans and fee increases, which was attended by members of the Students Against Fees group, and the Union of Students in Ireland (USI), as well as students from

Motion to oppose increase in third level fees is passed

Five speakers on the motion all spoke in favour

This evening a motion to oppose the introduction of third level fees brought before Trinity Students’ Union Council, was passed by a comfortable margin.

This motion was brought to the council by the newly formed Students Against Fees Group, committed …


Students Against Fees group vote to bring motion to SU council opposing student loans and increased fees

It was agreed that the motion defeated at SU council two weeks ago was too narrow, in that it only pertained to student loans and didn’t address about fees

NEWSThe first public meeting of the new Students Against Fees group was held Thursday evening, at which members decided that they will bring a new motion before Trinity College Dublin’s Students’ Union (TCDSU) council. The motion will be one which …