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The ultimate Irish road trip

From Mayo to Meath, we take a look at the biggest and best attractions around the country

It happens to the best of us: you spend those long months of exam revision thinking about how you’re going to spend your summer. You and your friends decide that you’ll visit all the places that you’ve always wanted to


Summer Adventures

As memories of freedom and tans continue to fade, Trinity News speak to three students about their summer experiences.


With over 16,000 students, each with 4 months of freedom at their disposal, it is no surprise that some of Trinity’s very own have some very interesting stories to tell about their time away from Front Square. Trinity News spoke …


Wwoofing in the wind

John Kennedy

Staff Writer

The world we live in is a dirty one. We are invited and enticed to consume daily, to consume indiscriminately and to consume regardless of actual necessity. This is especially evident during Christmas, the festival of …