Neoliberalism, capitalism and modern feminism: Dr. Sinead Kennedy addresses third-wave feminism’s “unhealthy relationship with capitalism”

DU Gender Equality and Trinity Socialist Workers’ Student Society welcomed the Maynooth University lecturer as she addressed the issue of women’s liberation in the context of liberal feminism

On Thursday night the Dublin University Gender Equality society and the Trinity Socialist Workers’ Student Society  held an event entitled “Women’s Liberation in the Age of Neoliberalism”. The guest speaker at the event was Dr. Sinead Kennedy of Maynooth University,


Socialists threaten to sabotage Phil recruitment drive

SWSS is planning on discouraging students from joining the Phil.

James Prendergast

Deputy News Editor

– Contentious dispute reignites after Phil debates re-inviting BNP leader to Trinity

– SWSS meeting criticises “white upper/middle class” and “radical right-wing” Phil members; society responds

Trinity Socialist Worker Student Society (SWSS) is planning to …


Merkel to students: Europe holds promise of “freedom, peace and prosperity”

James Wilson

Staff Writer

  • Chancellor champions EU project, claims to have “every respect” for Ireland’s trials
  • Taoiseach accompanies German delegation, says he wants to “listen to young minds”

Protesting members of the Trinity Socialist Worker Student Party (SWSS) were moved …