Transmasculine feminism, or “how to reconcile male privilege as a female to male feminist”

There are a lot of intersectional feminists who will give trans men free passes when it comes to acceptable feminist behaviour, passes that they would never give to cis men. I don’t accept these free passes.


I glance at my phone and see a red number – fifteen – in the corner of my Twitter app. I don’t even have to open it to know what I’m getting notifications about.

About a month ago I made


TCD Law Soc and Q Soc hold panel discussion on trans issues in Ireland

Speakers stressed the importance of visibility for the cause and the need for people to openly discuss it

NEWSOn Monday last, TCD Law Society, in association with Trinity Q Soc, hosted a panel discussion entitled “Ireland in Transition,” which explored trans issues in modern Ireland.

Speaking at the event were Broden Giambrone, chief executive of the Transgender Equality

College launches new policy to support trans staff and students

NewsA policy document launched in Trinity College today commits the university to protecting students and staff from gender-based discrimination.

The ‘Gender Identity and Gender Expression Policy’ document outlines new guidelines to create an inclusive college atmosphere for trans individuals, including …


Trans* inclusion policy adopted for Trinity debating competition

Efforts underway to better include trans* debaters

Fionn McGorry

Deputy News Editor

A summer debating competition in Trinity will feature efforts to better include trans* debaters. The gender introductions policy introduced this week by Trinity Open organisers will involve all speakers affirming their preferred pronoun at the …