New STAR project to encourage young soccer talent

Run by TAP, in conjunction with the Shamrock Rovers and Trinity Sport, the project seeks to foster education and sporting development

A new initiative founded by the Trinity Access Programme (TAP), run in conjunction with the Shamrock Rovers and Trinity Sport, seeks to foster educational and sporting development among students from Tallaght and the inner city through providing a number of …


Tapping into the Trinity Access Programme

In April 2016, the Trinity Access Programmes (TAP) organised a “privilege walk” to highlight the diversity within Trinity, and to raise awareness of who they are and what exactly they are trying to achieve. The primary aim of TAP is

‘Dilapidated’ TAP classrooms create perception of disadvantaged students ‘coming in through the back door’

TAP courses have been unable to adopt new teaching methodologies because of a lack of resources, according to Dr. Lisa Keane.

news1A failure to upgrade teaching resources has left the two classrooms used by Trinity Access Programmes (TAP) in a dilapidated state, according to Dr. Lisa Keane, who oversees the programmes’ post-entry progression and alumni development. The state of the classrooms …