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PJs and penguin poop at TFM’s broadcast party

Róisín Doyle-Bakare attended Trinity FM’s monthly broadcast party on Thursday, greeted by dinosaur onesies, penguin poop and a game of giant connect-four.


“It was an unusual combination of Tesco’s finest drinking chocolate, 7-up and Revero, both white and rosé, all thrown into a cup and incinerated in a microwave.”

I must admit that when I first heard about the Trinity FM Pajama

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High Society: A night of freeflowing society synergy

Louis Roberts attends the highly anticipated event, that allows societies based in House 6 to open their doors to collaborate with one another and welcome College at large to participate


High Society is an event held annually, in which the small, yet influential societies at the top of House 6 get together to host a black tie event, full of variety, society characters and of course, queer pong. Hosted this …

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Spooky and spectacular: The Annual S2S Halloween Ball

Many Trinity students donned their best black plastic bags, including Elisabeth O’Higgins, who takes us on a journey through the happenings of the nightmarish night


S2S, Sci-fi Soc, and Trinity FM joined forces to put together the ‘Spectacularly Spooky Halloween Ball’, one of the main events of the S2S year. Ghosts, goblins and Pat Hickey in his pyjamas all descended on the Smock Alley Theatre


Radio Heads: The story of Trinity FM

“We like to party, and sometimes we party with mics in front of us.” James McGovern climbs to the top of House 6 to discover more about Trinity’s favourite student-run radio station


In a relatively small space on the top floor of House 6, there lives a vibrant organism called Trinity FM (TFM). Apart from the microphones and sound panel in the centre of the room, there is surprisingly little equipment in