87.8% of students believe consent workshops should take place every year

TCDSU arranged the sexual consent workshops for Trinity Hall during Fresher’s Week

87.8% of students who attended the consent workshops organised by Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) stated they believe the workshops should take place “every orientation”, according to feedback gathered by the Union.

50.6% of respondents “strongly agreed” that the …


Error in Trinity Hall applications means students asked for incorrect word count

The error on the application advised student that the word limit for the application was 250 characters, rather than 250 words

An error in the application form for Trinity Hall advised incoming first year students that the limit for the application was 250 characters. However, the limit was in fact 250 words, or 1800 characters.

Speaking to Trinity News, Trinity College

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From Halls to houses

What are the difficulties and challenges that are faced during the transition from Trinity Hall to a new house?

This past academic year, I was fortunate enough to live in Trinity Hall in Rathmines. This coming autumn I will be living in a house with four of my friends. The biggest differences: rent, electricity, gas, and the oh-so-precious wifi.


Why I wanted to stay in Trinity Hall for a second year

Social media pages, door-to-door canvassing, hustings and interviews all crammed into three days; what is it like to run for the Trinity Hall JCR, and is it really worth it?

The elections for the 2017/18 Junior Common Room (JCR)  committee concluded on Wednesday night in Rathmines pub Mother Reilly’s, where votes were counted following three days of intense campaigning. The JCR is the student committee responsible for looking after the

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Trinity Halls’ ‘Avenue Q’: A Dazzling Mix of Puppetry, Profanity and Positivity

Watching puppets sing onstage about sex, pornography and casual racism may not sound overly enticing, but go see the hottest new show in Trinity Halls and you’ll never view Sesame Street the same again.



“Without a doubt, ‘Avenue Q’ is a show that you should endeavour not to miss. The quality of the production and the dazzling performances from the actors make this show a truly great achievement for Trinity Halls.”

Last night granted

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Magnified societies: The secret is in the squash

Aoife Donnellan travels to Trinity Hall to talk to Tamaki Marumo and David Connolly in the hope to suss out the elusive Trinity Squash


“As put by David Connolly: ‘the best player gets the same welcome as someone who has never hit a ball before’. The snobbery that is sometimes attached to sports like these has definitely been squashed here.”

The time has finally


Meet Herman: Trinity Hall’s feline resident

Halls resident Alice Forbes investigates the habits and history of another Halls resident – Herman the cat.

“The Halls Cat is in fact named Herman, the pet of assistant warden, Thomas Archer, who adopted him along with his brother Coco from the DSPCA when he made his move to Halls in 2010. Upon arrival, Herman and Coco


Flooding and damp caused 11 Halls rooms to be boarded up last year

The issue is said to be caused by “failures in the sealing of the brick cladding”


Sporadic issues with the building standards in Trinity Hall, Dartry, led to 11 of the student accommodation site’s rooms being put out of use due to flooding and damp in the last academic year. The figure was confirmed to Trinity