Brexit Panel fascinates at GMB

Gina Miller, David Kurten and Stephen Donnelly address the GMB covering Brexit and its wider global significance

On Tuesday evening the Politics Society and the Trinity College Law Review (TCLR) hosted a panel discussion on Brexit in the GMB. The event was well attended, with much excited conversation before the start.

Speaking first was Gina Miller, the …

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Political Satire in the Trump Era

Political humour, provocative comedy and freedom of expression came into play at an engaging event held on Monday by the Hist and Pol Soc

trinity-lifeOn Monday, the Hist and Pol Soc came together to host a panel of both student and guest speakers for an insightful discussion on political satire in the Trump Era. The panel was notable not only for an analysis on


Vice-President of the European Parliament, Mairead McGuinness, speaks to Trinity Politics Society

McGuinness spoke about issues currently afflicting European politics, her experience working in the EU, and what the future holds for Europe

NEWSMairead McGuinness, incumbent vice-president of the European Parliament, was welcomed with hearty handshakes and smiles from the PolSoc committee when she entered the Hist Conversation Room on Tuesday evening, March 29.

She apologised for her late arrival, blaming a series …


Minister for Health notes that abortion legislation should take into account “long term health of the mother”

Minister for Health Dr Leo Varadkar speaks to Trinity politics society on his experience of being in government and of the marriage equality campaign as well as answering questions on a wide range of topics including the abortion debate

NEWSThis evening TD and minister for health Dr Leo Varadkar visited Trinity Politics Society to give his personal experience of being in politics as well as his opinion on a wide range of issues. Dr Varadkar is the most senior …


Senator Averil Power calls for “huge civil society movement” to push for referendum on the eighth amendment

Speaking today in Trinity, Power said that she expects many politicians will be unwilling to engage with the matter


Speaking today at an event hosted by Trinity Politics Society, senator Averil Power said that there needs to be “a huge civil society movement” to push for a referendum on abortion in Ireland.

According to Power, listening to the stories …