The uneasy relationship between Trump’s Muslim Ban and his business empire

Seven countries – Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen – were singled out by Donald Trump’s Executive Order 1379. The order forbids entry into the United States by residents of those countries, with the exception of Green Card

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Five places to get a carvery: Student-style Christmas dinner

Mary Hartnett reviews the top five restaurants where students can get some beautiful Christmas carvery dinner to really get into the Christmas spirit


The Dublin food scene has an ever-growing wide array of cuisines to choose from, from Mexican burrito joints and Italian pizza places to Chinese buffets and Greek cafés.  However, as the evenings close in and December 25th becomes more of


Trinity, Ireland and Europe’s response to the greatest human rights disaster since WWII

Kevin Keane analyses our response to the refugee crisis and the phenomenon of “episodic outrage”


Europe is facing its worst humanitarian crisis since World War II; the refugee crisis is worsening, claiming more lives and ruining more families, every single day. And what have we done about it? As a society, extremely little. We have


Resistance and revolution: Kurdistan’s long road to independence

The West owes the Kurds continued support, but what of Turkey?


The problem with dominant nationalisms is that they often lack nuance. Nationalism sometimes has an antagonistic relationship with truth, because the truth is that nationalisms are invented; and if they can be invented, they can be dismantled. Thus, to preserve


Western hypocrisy is at the root of the refugee crisis

When Cold War politics plunged many Middle Eastern and African countries into conflict and poverty, the West has a duty to take in the people who flee.

COMMENTA couple of weeks ago, I went to a talk on the refugee crisis hosted by Trinity’s Society for International Affairs (SOFIA) where one of the speakers was a young man who happened to be a Syrian refugee.  Although I