SU Presidential Race: Interview with Kevin Keane

Deputy chair of the Lobby Group and SUAS president Kevin Keane wants to give as much power to students as possible by introducing an “Empowerment Week”


As Deputy Chair of the Lobby Group and president of SUAS Trinity, SS Law Student Kevin Keane puts the concept of College as a community in itself at the forefront of his campaign. “College has given me a lot and


The SU is in need of fundamental structural reform

Jack Kennedy argues that while the current sabbats work diligently, they could accomplish more if the structure of the Students’ union were reformed


“This year’s team of officers has been working extremely hard, and I’ve no doubt they will continue do everything they can to serve the College community in the coming months. But they could be doing so much more, if only


Unpublished report by senior SU officers accuses The University Times of fabrication of evidence, mistreatment of staff, bias, and making students “live in fear”

In a secret document, prepared by a body of the SU’s senior officers, a number of serious accusations were raised against The University Times and its editor, Edmund Heaphy. Report by William Foley and Oisin Vince Coulter.


Serious breaches of journalistic conduct, including the fabrication of evidence, mistreatment of staff, biased and unfair reporting, and damaging the reputation of students have been alleged against The University Times and its editor by members of the TCDSU leadership in …


University Times issue withdrawn as Phil members remove distributed papers

Society members removed copies of the paper from campus locations after it printed details of confidential correspondences.

news1The University Times (UT) withdrew its latest issue on Tuesday after reporting on the content of documents that had been provided to the paper on the condition that they not be referred to in an article.

Trinity News has learned …