How long do you spend online every day?

Caoimhe Gordon reflects on how many hours we actually spend on our smartphones and how that is affecting lives across the world.


“As a post in the popular Reddit, Shower Thoughts put it: ‘How many miles have I scrolled on my phone?'”

Recently I attended a lecture, simply entitled “Doing business in China” which offered interesting insights into the differing business practises …

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The Hist and Pol Soc’s US Election lock-in

Sinéad Harrington went to the The Hist and PolSoc’s election lock-in and reports on the high tension event.

“The true political enthusiast could be found huddled around these monitors, watching for each and every development in the swing states. The walls were covered with maps of the US and county maps of the swing states, ensuring that every


The Elephant in the Room

Fear rises as Trump’s popularity seems to escalate, but when it comes down to the real competition, he doesn’t stand a chance.

I’m sitting in a pub on a Tuesday night, 3609 miles away from the man himself and yet even here, in the basement of a small drinking establishment in a country many miles away, Donald Trump’s name comes up, almost