Football and the death of passion

Dylan O’Sullivan deconstructs the nature of sport as a surrogate battleground in the modern age

“It was more than just a game – it was a battle.”

As the human race has evolved over the centuries, our appetite for battle has come under increasing attack. The aggression and tribalism that led our species out of …


Trinity graduate honoured for World War II code-breaking work

Eileen Leslie Greer worked at Bletchley Park, the centre for code-breaking and intelligence-analysis during the war.


Trinity College Dublin alumna Eileen Leslie Greer was honoured with the Bletchley Park commemorative badge last week for the code-breaking work she did during World War II. Mrs Greer was part of Bletchley Park’s top-secret team of intelligence analysts during


The war against ISIL and the illusion of choice

The fight won’t be over before Christmas. Their brand of government is self-destructive, but their belief in their cause is absolute. If unchallenged, the beheadings will only become more frequent.


A military and ideological battle against ISIL is inevitable. The question is over what role, if any, the west should play in the coming carnage, and what strategy it should pursue in doing so.

Since the 1990s, and perhaps even

Route Irish

Route Irish

Director: Ken Loach

Cast: Mark Womack, Andrea Lowe, John Bishop, Geoff Bell & Jack Fortune

The title of Ken Loach’s latest film ‘Route Irish’ refers to the highway between Baghdad international airport and the US-held Green Zone in …