What I’m really thinking: A working class student from the country

Stacey Wrenn writes about her experience dealing with privilege on Campus

When I was in Montessori school, my teacher sold me the “Disney” line that I could be whatever I wanted to be and I believed her. I went home and did some digging in the back garden with my dad


What I’m really thinking: Living with mental health issues

“Sometimes you’ll find yourself starting a sentence with “ever feel…” and your friend will answer “no”.”

“I’m afraid of being unable to speak and express myself to the best of my abilities. I’m afraid that people don’t truly know me, and will validate my biggest fear. I am an inherently unlikable being. I care too much


What I’m really thinking: the final-year student

Everything feels like a special moment when your time in Trinity is drawing to an end.

commentBANNERWhen I started university, my first lecturer pronounced to the class that we had found our best men and bridesmaids in those sitting next to us. He said it with such strength I didn’t believe him. Now final year is …