This strike is the result of years of dismissal and low morale

Cieran Perry and David Grouse, secretary and chair of TCD UNITE, detail the events that led to Trinity’s non-academic staff voting to take strike action against the university

The background to the current industrial relations dispute in Trinity College stretches back to the economic crash of 2008 and the Fianna Fáil/Green Party government’s attack on public service workers at the time. The crash was the result of a


Tech revolution no substitute for Trade Unions

“Have we just replaced a Victorian factory owner with a 26-year-old CEO who wears a hoodie?”

“Collective action is declining as a means of resolving labour disputes. Technological companies may have revolutionised the workplace, but it’s not the revolution employees need. Trade unions are sorely needed, and allowing employees to swap their neckties for hoodies doesn’t


USI and SIPTU team up for workers’ rights campaign

The two unions visited NUIG, Athlone IT and LSAD this week to petition for the introduction of a living wage as part of a broader campaign on improving awareness of employee rights.

USI are campaigning in partnership with SIPTU for a living wage of €11.45 per hour to be introduced by the next government. USI claims that raising the minimum wage accordingly will “reduce poverty, boost local economies and ensure an inclusive