Numbers of Irish students opting for the HPV Vaccine drops considerably

Caoimhe Gordon explores the reasoning behind falling rates of vaccination and why a general distrust of vaccinations continues to be prevalent in Ireland


“The three of the most Googled searches for the vaccine in Ireland all involve phrases such as ‘controversy’, ‘side effect’ and ‘is it safe?’” 

A Trinity professor has criticised the lasting impact that fearmongering online has had on the Irish …


Trinity’s most recent tuberculosis research findings a “game changer”

The findings will pave the way for the development of host-directed therapies that could be used to strengthen the immune response to TB

NEWSAccording to the World Health Organisation, tuberculosis (TB) is the world’s most fatal infectious disease. Each year it kills 1.5 million people and the growing number of drug-resistant cases means that new treatments are desperately needed.

Researchers at Trinity College …