EnviroSoc to implement digital society cards during Freshers’ Week

The initiative will reduce waste and costs in the society

Trinity Environmental Society (EnviroSoc) are to issue digital society cards in order to reduce waste. The society announced the decision on Twitter yesterday. The initiative will be implemented during this year’s Freshers Week.

The initiative will require the usual details of members, including their name, year of study and email address. An email will then prompt the student to visit a sign up website, where they will be provided with their digital cards. The initiative will function on the Android and iPhone digital wallet apps, but can alternatively be printed.  

This decision comes a year after EnviroSoc used photographs instead of society cards. However, according to the society, this did not sufficiently reduce waste.

Speaking to Trinity News, EnviroSoc Chairperson Izzy Jorgenson noted that this move was motivated by waste reduction. According to Jorgenson the traditional cards require “the use of plastic and paper” and “ink which is costly to make energy wise”. She also noted that unless all sponsors remain the same, the process must be carried out every year.

Jorgenson also noted that this will save the society money, resulting in “less waste, less costs, and you won’t run out of cards or be stuck with extras”. She also noted its practicality, with the capability to send notifications, scan barcodes for admissions, and establish location tethers.

EnviroSoc also noted their intention to lobby Trinity to introduce this feature on the TCD MyDay app. They believe the feature would “make societies more accessible for every student”.

The development follows shortly after the announcement of waste reduction workshops in Trinity Hall. The workshops will be mandatory for all incoming first year students and will teach proper waste reduction practices.

EnviroSoc have recently been involved in the “Plastic Free TCD” campaign which resulted in Trinity’s decision to phase out disposable plastic containers and utensils over the next two years.

Alison Traynor

Alison Traynor is the current Life Editor of Trinity News.