Trinity News 2023/24

Editor: Kate Henshaw ([email protected])

Deputy Editor: Ellen Kenny ([email protected])

Assistant Editor: Ella Sloane ([email protected])

Social Media and Managing Editor: David Wolfe ([email protected])

Deputy Social Media Editor: Jack Delaney

Deputy Social Media Editor: Aideen Lanigan

Online Editor: Eve Conway ([email protected])

Deputy Online Editor: Kay Williams

Life Editor: Abby Cleaver ([email protected])

Deputy Life Editor: Lara Monahan

News and News Analysis

News Managing Editor: Aidan Cusack ([email protected])

News Co-Editor: Evan Skidmore O’Reilly

News Co-Editor: Charlotte Kent

Deputy News Editor: Aoibhinn Clancy

Deputy News Editor: Conor Healy

Deputy News Editor: Madison Pitman

Assistant News Editor: Emily Sheehan

News Analysis Editor: Alan Nolan Wilson ([email protected])

Deputy News Analysis: Gabriela Gazaniga

Deputy News Analysis: Stephen Conneely


Features Editor: Ruby Topalian ([email protected])

Deputy Features Editor: Sam Walsh

Deputy Features Editor: Rose Slowcock


Comment Editor: Nina Crofts ([email protected])

Deputy Comment Editor: Kate Byrne


SciTech Editor: Sébastien Laymond ([email protected])

Deputy SciTech Editor: Sadbh Boylan


Sport Co-Editor: Séaghan Ó Domhnalláin ([email protected])

Sport Co-Editor: Jane Prendergast


Arts & Culture

Arts & Culture Editor: Jayna Rohslau ([email protected])

Deputy Arts & Culture Editor: Ciara Chan

Deputy Arts & Culture Editor: Ciana Meyers

Food & Drink

Food & Drink Editor: Eoghan Conway ([email protected])

Deputy Food & Drink Editor: Lara Bhakdi

Deputy Food & Drink Editor: Hannah Viljoen

Sex & Relationships

Sex & Relationships Editor: Anna Lyons ([email protected])

Deputy Sex & Relationships Editor: Alice Matty

Deputy Sex & Relationships Editor: Emma Whitney

Student Living

Student Living Co-Editor: Emma Rouine ([email protected])

Student Living Co-Editor: Elisa Eckstein

Deputy Student Living Editor: Akshita Hunka


Societies Editor: Honey Morris ([email protected])

Deputy Societies Editor: Sofia Rooney

Deputy Societies Editor: Siobhán Walsh



Staff Photographer: Neasa Nic Corcráin


Staff Videographer: Kate Blackwood


Art Editor: Alice G


Podcast Editor: Colm Caldwell


Head Copyeditor: Lindsey Brown


Raina Bosniac

Louise Cullen

Aoife Doheny

Eimear Feeney

Miranda Gallacher

Lucy Garretson

Maisie Mould

Suibhán Stockman

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