Comment Policy

Trinity News’ Comment Policy applies to the comments on our Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok accounts, the replies to our Twitter posts, the comment section on our website, and any other form of digital media operated officially by the newspaper now or in the future.

Our comment sections and social media exist to be open forums for discussion on important issues that affect students. We welcome commentary, debate, criticism, insights, feedback and dissent, and a lively dialogue in general.

However, in order to maintain an accessible and safe environment for all other commenters, readers, and the volunteer staff who run the newspaper, we ask everyone who participates in these forums to adhere to a number of guidelines, outlined in this policy.

No personal attacks

Do not personally attack the authors of articles, other Trinity News staff, people mentioned or interviewed in articles, or other commenters. We encourage and expect disagreement, criticism, debate and a diversity of opinions, but this does not include insulting or attacking people. Trinity News is run by students on a voluntary basis. Our writers, staff, and people who interact with the paper in other ways have the right not to be targeted personally. Make it about the issue, not the person.

No hate speech

Trinity News will not accept the posting of material that is sexist, racist, transphobic, homophobic, ableist or otherwise bigoted in our comment sections. This includes targeting people based on religion, nationality or any other demographic group. Do not make comments threatening or harassing people or groups of people.

No defamatory material

We take defamatory material very seriously. Do not post such material to any of our comment sections.

Be privacy-conscious

Please do not post personal information about other people in our comment section. Be mindful of the safety and privacy of yourself and others at all times.

No commercial content or spam

We welcome the posting of links in our fora that add to the discussion or may otherwise interest readers in a manner related to the topic at hand. However, commenters may not use our fora to promote the sale of products or services or any other commercial activity. Additionally, we do not welcome the promotion of unrelated websites or social media pages in our comments, and take very seriously the posting of spam, malware or other malicious content.

Avoid disinformation

There are many issues on which people disagree as to the veracity of various sets of facts. As ever, we welcome spirited debate, and will not prohibit every claim that may be considered by someone to be factually untrue. However, we strongly discourage the posting of provably-false information, and will not accept cases of deliberate disinformation or misinformation that is immediately dangerous. Misinformation on topics such as Covid-19 or other medical issues is not acceptable.

Don’t impersonate people or organisations

Don’t claim to be a person or to represent an extant group that you are not or do not. This applies in general but is especially important in the case of people or groups directly related to Trinity.

Please note that Trinity News cannot endorse or stand by the accuracy, truthfulness or reliability of any material posted by users in our comment section or in response to our social media posts. Statements made by commenters reflect only the views of that commenter and are not representative of the views of Trinity News or its editorial team.

While we cannot and do not endeavour to review every comment or reply across our various platforms, we reserve the right to remove any we deem in breach of this policy or otherwise unacceptable without notification. We reserve the right to block at our discretion users who are in breach of these guidelines, especially where there are repeated infractions.

Trinity News is an outlet run for the benefit of all students of Trinity College Dublin. The Comment Policy exists to ensure all of those students can safely and freely interact with our comment sections. These comment sections are not the only forum in which it is possible to discuss our articles and other student issues, and we reserve the right to act to maintain an environment that safeguards the wellbeing of our staff and other Trinity students.

If you have questions, comments or concerns, please contact [email protected].

Updated 13 September 2021.