Returning to campus across Ireland

A look at the different approaches to returning students to campuses

As Ireland has begun to open up again, with restrictions being cautiously lowered, universities have begun to solidify their approach to the semester, heading into a new academic year with an overall trend of much more in-person learning and on-campus

The stage is set for the return of gigs

Trinity News explores the journey from the lockdown of live performances to the reopening of gigs

As Ireland seems to almost fully emerge from yet another lockdown, and the level system of easing restrictions is left in summer’s dust, many industries have been able to return as close to normal as possible. However, other industries have

“Language in its classic form”: emojis in 2021

Trinity News speaks to Keith Broni, “emoji translator”, about demographics, cultural divides and the laughing-crying face emoji

It is a popular belief that young people today will be employed in jobs that do not even exist yet. Technological advancements are making many jobs obsolete, while also creating entirely new ones. In 2017, Keith Broni experienced this phenomenon

Reopening the Pav

From the staff behind the counter to the students on the floor, everyone has something to say on the iconic student bar’s reopening

The Pavillion Bar, known affectionately as the Pav, finally reopened its doors this semester for the first time since they were forced closed by the COVID-19 pandemic. With the new addition of the temporary Pav marquee, the campus bar may

A lifeline at NiteLine

NiteLine’s Lara Summers tells Trinity News about the service that helps students, no matter the problem

Prolonged bathroom breaks hiding from essays and revision notes are familiar to any student who has spent an exam season in Trinity. Whether they entail crying, exasperated sighing or dissociating with your head against the stall door, we’ve all been

Is TikTok fashion costing the environment?

Fast fashion trends on social media have led to a rise in overconsumption from retailers such as SHEIN

TikTok has caused fast fashion retailers to increase their profits by as much as 44% following the viral videos of clothing hauls. These trends, which are encouraged by the popular styles and garments on social media apps, lead to a

Making a four day week work for Ireland

The chairperson of Four Day Week Ireland speaks to Trinity News about a new perspective on productivity and flexibility in the workplace.

In 1930, economist John Maynard Keynes wrote his famous essay entitled Economic Possibilities for Our Grandchildren, in which he made a bold prediction: by the twenty-first century, technology would have advanced far enough that the average work week would be

How accommodation is allocated in Trinity

Trinity’s Accommodation Allocation Plan leaves many students without housing

As the new  academic year rears its head, a slew of Trinity students are returning to Dublin. Some have been granted accommodation through College either on campus, near campus, or in Trinity Hall. However, for most, finding accommodation has been

Mature students: balancing academic ambitions with adult responsibilities

A second-year mature student and parent spoke to Trinity News to share their experiences of parenting and student life, as well as the effectiveness of support services available to them from the College.

When students are depicted in the media, they are mostly shown as teens and young adults, on their own for the first time in their lives with little to show for themselves other than the hope of a degree and