Six years in student politics: a conversation with Leah Keogh

The two-time sabbatical officer and outgoing president of TCDSU reflects on her time in the union and the national student movement

After two years as a sabbatical officer in the students’ union, the outgoing president of Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) might reasonably be excused for spending their last ten days in office winding down in preparation for handing over …

The Storming of Connolly House

A group of activists took over 12-14 Eden Quay on the first of May in protest against direct provision and the housing crisis

On Wednesday May 18, in front of 12-14 Eden Quay, also known as Connolly House, amongst republican songs and fiery speeches, an official statement was read out by representatives of the Revolutionary Workers Union Council (RWUC). They announced their intention

Globetrotting during a global crisis

The difficulties of trying to travel during the worst of the pandemic

On March 12 2020, Chicago native and Trinity News journalist Shannon McGreevy was in Trinity Hall when Leo Varadkar announced the closure of schools and universities due to the Covid-19 pandemic. By March 16, international students, or approximately one in …

The logistics of getting aid to Ukraine

A Polish charity has established humanitarian links between Dublin and Kyiv

The Russian attack on Ukraine has seemed to unite Europe, with each nation providing empathy and activism for the crisis of justice.  But what about direct action?  While the flurry of tweets and TikToks providing information on and condemning the …

The past, present and future of TCDSU

The 2021/22 sabbatical team reflects on their term in office

Emerging from the wake of Covid-19, this year’s Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) undoubtedly faced additional challenges and responsibilities in representing Trinity College’s student body. As the year draws to a close, Trinity News considers the TCDSU Sabbatical team’s …

The unique challenges of LGBTQ+ mental health care

Author of The Queer Mental Health Workbook discusses his research

This article contains discussion of self-harm.

Research has consistently shown that members of the LGBTQ+ community face significant disparities in physical and mental health outcomes when compared to their heterosexual and cisgender counterparts, linked to societal stigma and discrimination. Speaking …

Are single-gender schools the way of the past?

While Labour prepare a new Bill banning single-gender schools, others speak out in favour of separate education

Rathdown School, an all girls private school located in Glenageary, has recently announced their plans to move to a co-educational model, allowing both boys and girls to enrol. The boarding school, which caters for students aged three to eighteen years …

UT bye-election: Maguire wants people “to feel like UT is their ‘thing’”

The deputy editor believes her second election run is a “brilliant opportunity” to prepare

Mairead Maguire did not come to Trinity with plans of being a journalist. A history and politics student from Donegal, the University Times (UT) “wasn’t something on [her] radar” and she “knew barely nothing about UT”, until she applied for …

Sunday Longread: What does lent mean in 2022

Has the period associated with discipline and simplicity turned into just another wellness trend?

On the first day of February, my local Tesco’s Special Offers section had been transformed; gone were the health-food alternatives and protein shakes, presumably snatched up by those clinging to their New Year’s Resolutions.  Instead, there were Easter Eggs; rows …