The slow uptake on smart living technology

Abby Cleaver explores the lack of enthusiasm towards smart living tech, and asks if it’s been overcomplicated to the point that it isolates those who need it the most

Smart living technology are technological devices or systems that are designed to enhance daily life. This is a very neat way of summarising a huge idea, as smart living technology is an umbrella that covers an enormous range of products

Scientific matters of the heart

While falling in love might feel like a transcendent experience, it’s a thoroughly scientific process

Picture this: the perfect first date. It’s dreamlike: you can’t stop laughing at each other’s jokes, you are similar in the best of ways yet just different enough for there to be a spark, you’re blushing when you make eye

How to spot a deepfake

Five tips for identifying AI-generated media

Have you ever watched a video of a world leader spitting incredible bars and thought, ‘wow, there’s no way this is real’? Well, in the majority of cases, you would be correct. World leaders seldom spit incredible bars, and what

The Greenthumb Guide

Want something to keep you accountable for your good daily habits? Perhaps getting a plant might be the way!

And we’re off! 2024 is well underway and whether you’re clinging along ambitiously to your new year’s resolutions or like me, you’ve fallen back on old habits, it’s never too late to regroup, re-centre and restart with something new! And

Plastic Free Cycles

The Trinity team tackling microplastics in period products


Blame it on our upbringing, media exposure, or the stigma hanging over open menstruation discourse, but people who menstruate often don’t think twice about the products they use. You buy one box of Tampax and you’re committed for life. Single-use

Long live the peat

Are peatlands really as useless as they seem?

As I was hiking the resplendent path of Wicklow’s Great Sugar Loaf, I stumbled upon a small bog. Hazel, a Geography student and friend of mine, attempted to spark an interesting discussion as to their value and their utility. I,

Get in, the water’s freezing

Exploring the enduring popularity of cold water swims

People in wintry Dublin flock to the many beaches along the coast on a daily basis for their cold plunge while university societies often plan sea-swimming events for members.

Plunging into the ice-cold water of the Irish sea at any

An ode to seagulls

In defence of Trinity’s most despised denizens

It’s a familiar scene: you sit down outside the Arts Building after emerging, starving, from the afternoon’s lectures. Just as you are about to bite into your delicious lunch, a seagull swoops down and snatches it from your grasp. If