Get in, the water’s freezing

Exploring the enduring popularity of cold water swims

People in wintry Dublin flock to the many beaches along the coast on a daily basis for their cold plunge while university societies often plan sea-swimming events for members.

Plunging into the ice-cold water of the Irish sea at any

An ode to seagulls

In defence of Trinity’s most despised denizens

It’s a familiar scene: you sit down outside the Arts Building after emerging, starving, from the afternoon’s lectures. Just as you are about to bite into your delicious lunch, a seagull swoops down and snatches it from your grasp. If

Why does Santa like cookies & milk?

A scientific inquiry into what makes Santa’s favourite night-time snack so appealing to most

In an oft-quoted passage of Pinker’s How the Mind Works, we are informed that:— 

‘[W]e enjoy strawberry cheesecake […] not because we evolved a taste for it. We evolved circuits that gave us trickles of enjoyment from the sweet

Microscope lens

A year in Trinity research

A look back at College’s biggest scientific developments in 2023

As the semester draws to a close, so too does a remarkable year in College research. From quantum revelations to botanical discoveries, healthcare innovations to cosmic exploration, this year saw no shortage of scientific findings across Trinity science departments. Here

Trinity graduate on Ireland’s first satellite team credits Formula Trinity for his practical engineering skills

Trinity graduate Pádraig McDermott is a member of the EIRSAT-1 team which launched Ireland’s first satellite last week

A Trinity graduate and member of the EIRSAT-1 team which launched Ireland’s first satellite into space last week said that his experience in Formula Trinity helped prepare him for the practical work involved in the satellite project.

Pádraig McDermott, a

Eureka in Éire

A look at how instrumental Ireland was in scientific innovation

Picture this: a land where the rivers flow with wit and the skies are painted with creativity. Ireland is well known for the best whiskey on the planet and the all-healing elixir – a microwaved 7UP! But amidst its rolling

Students use laptop and tablet devices to view online content.

Student digital (de)vices

Investigating what has and hasn’t changed about our social media habits in the last decade

If you take a peek at the Trinity News archives all the way back in the days of November 2013, you might stumble across a feature piece entitled, ‘Is Facebook a false reality?’ Authored by then-staff writer Alice Kinsella, the