Harrington apologises “unreservedly for any upset caused” by campaign but criticises “defamatory” accusations

The welfare and equality candidate called EmpowerTheVoice’s accusations against him as “disgusting and defamatory”

Welfare and equality candidate Nathan Harrington has apologised “unreservedly” for “any upset” caused by his campaign after he was accused of “using his platform to mock marginalised groups”, which he described as “defamatory”.

Activist group EmpowerTheVoice wrote a message on …

Media hustings: Comms candidate Dempsey emphasises union experience while opponent Strahan makes the case for a “fresh face”

The political nature of the union and engagement remained an enduring issue at media hustings today

Communication and marketing candidates Connor Dempsey and Beth Strahan offered different perspectives of what the sabbatical role should offer students and the union at media hustings this afternoon.

Taking place in the Thomas Davis theatre this afternoon, candidates were questioned …

Welfare candidate Harrington accused of using platform “to mock marginalised groups”

Activist group EmpowerTheVoice noted Harrington previously referred to people with disabilities as “disableds”

Welfare and equality candidate Nathan Harrington has been accused of using his platform to “mock marginalised groups” in a stunt by campaign group EmpowerTheVoice.

The accusation was on the blackboard of the Thomas Davis lecture theatre ahead of the sabbatical …

Blowing up campus buildings, employing seagulls and jousting addressed at Piranha hustings

The satirical magazine put candidates to the comedic test at the Piranha hustings in Doyle’s

Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) sabbatical candidates were grilled about blowing up campus buildings, dealing with seagulls and jousting at the Piranha hustings last night.

Taking place in Doyle’s, this was the first Piranha husting to take place since …

Welfare & equality candidate Nathan Harrington issued strike for promoting personal Instagram on campaign page

Harrington was prohibited from campaigning for five hours today

Welfare & equality candidate Nathan Harrington has been issued a strike by the Electoral Commission (EC).

According to the EC, the strike was issued due to a post made on Harrington’s campaign Instagram account in which he encouraged students to …

Equality hustings: Gilroy promises to pressure College to cut Israeli ties while Ó hEidhin claims “time for talking is over”

Candidates had the first opportunity to show how they differ from each other, from expanding the Irish language to getting rid of the “nanny-state” tobacco-free campus

After being delayed by Trinity College Dublin Students Union (TCDSU) council, Equality and Council hustings began to highlight differences in approach in election races. 

In the TCDSU sabbatical elections’ contested races, candidates faced questions on issues of engagement, Gaeilge promotion

Council branded “undemocratic” after motion to hold referendum on political stance fails

TCDSU President László Molnárfi said he and others will continue to ignore chapter 1.4, “the apolitical stance in the constitution”

Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) council has been branded “undemocratic” after a motion to hold a a referendum to change the political aims of the union failed once again.

While 64% of council members voted in favour of holding …

TCDSU votes to oppose government’s “shameful” Green Paper on Disability Reform

Disabilities Officer Keely Jenkinson previously argued the reform “make it harder for someone with a disability to basically live”

Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union Council (TCDSU) has voted to oppose the Government’s Green Paper on Disability Reform.

The union will support the Scrap the Green Paper Coalition and “oppose the Green Paper on Disability Reform in its entirety”.

It …

TCDSU council votes to introduce sports and student parent bursaries

The Student Sport Bursary and Student Parents Bursary will each receive €20,000 from the HEA fund

, and

Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) council has voted to create two separate bursaries for student parents and students who wish to access sports.

Both bursaries will receive funding of €20,000 from the Higher Education Authority (HEA) fund to offer

Welfare & Equality candidate Hamza Bana receives first strike of campaign season

Bana has received the strike following a failure to declare his absence from the Election Briefing hosted by the Electoral Commission

Hamza Bana, one of three candidates for the Welfare and Equality race has received a the first strike in this year’s elections campaign strike. The strike has been issued by the Electoral Commission (EC).

Bana’s campaign team, led by campaign