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Trinity News is Ireland’s oldest, and most successful, student newspaper. Whether it’s to-the-minute news reporting, innovative video content, or insightful topical analysis on student and national issues, Trinity News has a long history of high-quality journalism. Because of our history and the standard of our work, Trinity News has many successful alumni currently working in media who spring-boarded their careers with the newspaper.

Strong news reporting is essential for any newspaper, no less so for a student paper. From the front page of the print edition to informative and enlightening online stories, some of the most talked about events on campus have been covered by Trinity News; or have been uncovered by our reporting. Trinity News has a long and proud history of original investigations, which have affected the course of events, with some investigative articles featuring in national and international media.

The features section is home to many of our most impressive and interesting long-form pieces. The length of pieces we publish in the features section allows writers to produce insightful, creative articles. From investigating the various nooks and crannies around Trinity, to areas further afield, Trinity News has a proud tradition of top-quality features writing.

The comment section is one of our most widely read sections and receives a huge amount of traction online. Trinity News features comment pieces ranging from student issues to international disputes. We also feature a wide range of styles: discursive, analytical, personal, reflective and satirical. We feature pieces which are well-researched and well-written. While we aim to allow each individual writer’s voice to shine through, we also aim to help writers improve the mechanics and structure of their writing.

Trinity News’ SciTech section covers developments in Trinity and the wider world in a range of fields, including biology, astronomy, physics, technology and chemistry.

Trinity is home to countless clubs and sporting societies. A key goal of Trinity News is to cover Trinity Sport in a comprehensive, detailed manner to show the vibrancy of Trinity sport to our readers. Along with consistent, up-to-date reporting on sporting events, the sports section also gives writers the chance to interview sporting figures around college, or write opinion pieces about an issue in sport in general.

As well as covering campus events and societies, the Life section also features pieces and concepts which are of interest to Trinity students.

Trinity News has a long tradition of publishing original illustrations in print and online. Artists provide illustrations to accompany articles across all the sections, as well as a cartoon for the print edition of the paper. Trinity News has a strong eye for original photography, ncluding covering the Repeal march, the lighting of the Christmas tree and the SU elections. These photos tell stories, in some cases in a way that their written counterparts cannot.

Video content has become an integral feature of every major news source from from the BBC to the New York Times. Trinity News is expanding our video content with our coverage of the Students’ Union elections, and various news events. The engagement figures for our video content show that this is an area of high demand. We’re also expanding our podcast offerings.

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