Cramming culture leaves already stressed students living off after-care, rather than self-care, during busy deadline seasons

As we approach the business end of the semester, we need to ask ourselves if our study methods are doing more harm than good

When picturing deadline season, one often conjures up the image of stressed students bent over their books, desperately trying to retain information. Needless to say (or rather, write), this is the result of cramming culture-that is, working intensely to learn

The supplemental exam experience this year has been an overly stressful ordeal for students, for factors as unnecessary as they were unprecedented

Isolation from college over the summer, notable lack of college support, and the pressure of perceived high stakes of supplemental exams is a much larger problem than expected, and a significant disadvantage

In August of this year I was one of the hundreds of students who sat a supplemental exam. As with any exam preparation process, stress followed me from my term results all the way to the exam day itself. However,

The back and forth nature of climate activism versus climate fatalism is exhausting

When facing a sizeable global threat such as climate change, it is sometimes difficult to continue to make the small changes when you worry that they have no significant impact

For some time, I have worried that my climate activism pales in comparison to the mass climate atrocities that are committed by corporations, countries, and celebrities daily. It is hard to feel as though the small steps you take count

Ibec’s objections to paid domestic violence leave are as nonsensical as they are contemptible

For victims of domestic violence trying to escape abusive situations, monetary concerns are an ever-present factor that this new bill will help alleviate, whether Ibec like it or not

On 5 October 2022, the work-life balance and miscellaneous provisions bill 2022 was presented to Dáil Éireann and legislation to implement it is currently being worked on by Green Party TD and Minister for Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth

Revisiting the controversy behind DUGES name, and the reasons it is still yet to be changed

The self-proclaimed feminist society in Trinity is called FemSoc in every way… except officially recognised by the Central Societies Committee

In 2017, the Dublin University Gender Equality Society (DUGES) attempted to rename themselves as FemSoc. In response, the CSC not only disapproved of the change, but cautioned that such a name could jeopardise the acknowledgement of them as an official

DAHMER sparks controversial question about the the ethics of the true crime genre

As true crime grows rapidly in popularity, it also leans further into a grey-area ethical debate considering the crimes, the victims, and the huge profits of their stories

True crime TV shows, movies, books and podcasts have skyrocketed in popularity. The new Netflix show DAHMER has joined the ever-growing list of extremely successful true crime series. The show is about the serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer and on its

Fashion as a political method of control is not only restrictive but dangerous

Dress codes, from moderate to severe, can pose a risk to freedom, but, on a greater political scale, legally enforced rules to determine what one gender can and cannot wear represents a terrifying level of social control

Depending on your environment, what can be considered “appropriate” clothing varies enormously. Whether it’s a workplace dress code, school uniform, or religious attire, what we are required to wear to “keep up appearances” is based on differing rules and guidelines.

Those who receive first-class honours degrees should save the bragging for their Linkedin posts — not their graduation ceremonies

The change to alphabetical order at graduation ceremonies in Trinity is a positive step forward for an already elitist institution

Last month, College announced that they will be changing their long-standing policy on calling up students in order of degree classification at graduations. From now on, students will be called up in alphabetical order by class group. We, as a