The Irish Government is being irresponsible in its handling of monkeypox

If clear messaging and a vaccination program aren’t announced soon, I fear how attitudes to the LGBTQ+ community could change

Within one minute of scrolling through the topic of ‘monkeypox’ on Twitter this morning, I greeted with deeply misleading headlines about the virus, as well as targeted attacks on queer men. Notably, the Associated Press posted an article last week

HEA Bill Debate highlights deeper governmental indifference towards student concerns

Guillotining of recent HEA Bill debate prompts Irish student representative groups to write an open letter denouncing government failure to respect their concerns

The recent Higher Education Authority (HEA) Bill 2022 debate raises understandable concerns among Irish students over the government’s perceived indifference regarding student interests. The questions raised during the debate considered the government’s expanded powers in the newly proposed bill to

Roe v Wade: F*ck Morality, this is a war on women

The overturning of abortion rights in the US is a stark reminder of the fragility of progress and existing struggles closer to home

This article contains discussion of sexual assault. 

Progress is fragile, painful, and most importantly, impermanent. This has been an impossible week for anyone who can get pregnant. The overturning of the Roe v Wade ruling by the US Supreme Court

The government’s Leaving Cert reform is directionless and ill-prepared

Norma Foley’s proposed reform of the Leaving Certificate cycle risks creating new anxieties – without solving existing ones

After decades of discussion and an equally long list of suggestions as to how it might be improved, the Leaving Certificate (Leaving Cert) is finally seeing substantial reform. Unsurprisingly, the reaction of the public to the proposed introduction of a

Sunday Longread: Student union engagement is facing a crisis, the UCD election results only prove that

The RON campaign against UCD candidates is a symptom of poor nationwide SU engagement

On April 1, four out of five officer races for the University College Dublin Students’ Union (UCDSU) elections resulted in a vote to re-open nominations. Amongst a backdrop of misinformation and gossip pages, these results represent more than the work

Trinity, I love you but you’re bringing me down

I adored my time here, and I think this place might be beyond saving

With the conclusion of my term as editor approaching, I’m preparing to say goodbye to Trinity for good. That’s no small thing; I’ve been here longer than almost anyone who isn’t now actually teaching classes. I remember the buildings that

Elitism and party politics in the Seanad

Nine years on from the failed referendum to abolish the Seanad, the chamber is still in dire need of structural and electoral reform. And with a by-election taking place this month, the need for reform is all the greater.

Seanad Éireann is in a contentious position. The by-election taking place this month, along with Lord Mayor Hazel Chu’s unexpected election bid, should put the Upper House of the Oireachtas at a significantly considerable position in the public imagination. However,

Ivana Bacik’s election as leader of Labour only cements the party’s detachment from the working class

Bacik’s associations with an austerity government will do little to abate Labour’s image as a staunchly middle class party.

The recent ascent of Ivana Bacik to the top of the political pops should come as no surprise. The Dublin Bay South TD encapsulates all that the Labour party has come to stand for today, which is actually very little.