An ode to our own Agatha Christies

Elaine McHale discusses the influx of Irish female writers who are dominating the genre of crime fiction

At the start of the pandemic, Ilike many othersfound myself wanting to escape the seemingly fictitious surroundings that we had found ourselves in. Books were a significant source of relief from the ensuing chaos and I

The Real Deal: your only guide to Van Gogh Dublin – An Immersive Journey

Elena McCrory gets the inside scoop on this one of a kind art event with Project Director Jillian Wilson

This exhibition uses high intensity flashing lights. As advertised on, it may irritate or even trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised. 

Van Gogh Dublin – An Immersive Journey is not what people are expecting.

TMT Intervarsities

Ruth McGann speaks to Rachel Galvin following her directorial debut with Mamma Mia!

Following the triumphant return of Trinity Musical Theatre’s (TMT) annual show, an outstanding production of Guys and Dolls, some of Trinity’s leading musical theatre performers and showmakers set off to Thurles in Co. Tipperary to compete in this year’s Musical

AGM season at Trinity

Ruth Brady unpacks the process of annual general meetings in Trinity’s societies

The AGM No you should not worry if you don’t know what that means! AGM stands for Annual General Meeting. Companies, schools, clubs, institutions and charities across the globe have AGMs annually. As a student, if you are a

Running on Ritalin

Leanne Healy talks to students who use the taboo “study drug” during exam season

Caffeine alone is no longer sufficient for an extra energy boost during exam season. Thanks to so-called “study drugs”, many university students across Ireland are studying for hours on end with the help of cognitive enhancing pills. Ritalin, a prescription

Student social smoking at an all-time high in Dublin

Phoebe Pascoe discusses the smoking culture at Trinity in comparison to universities further afield

Walking into campus through the Arts Block one morning, I was confronted by a screen declaring Trinity a “tobacco-free campus”. Not only was I surprised, having not heard this once in my six months of studying here, but my confusion

Neurodivergence in college

Caroline Loughlin discusses the resources and supports available to neurodivergent students in Trinity

This month is Autism Awareness Month, a month dedicated to increasing our understanding and awareness of neurodivergence, and it begins with the United Nations endorsed ‘World Autism Awareness Day’ on April 2. I spoke to Clare Malone from the Disability

What is personal is not always political

Sophie O’Rourke discusses her experience of ectopic pregnancy and the need to have more open conversations about women’s reproductive health

A year and a half ago my life was turned upside down by the discovery that I was pregnant. I was nine weeks along, and in acute agony. This pain turned out to be due to the fact that the

A newbie’s guide to TBall

Abby Cleaver details the dos and don’ts in the run up to the long-awaited Trinity Ball

What is Trinity Ball?

Trinity Ball is the college’s very own mini-music festival, frequently remarked as Europe’s biggest private festival, with tickets available only to Trinity students, staff, alumni, and their fortunate plus-ones. Due to limited capacity and being the