Listening to this urban soundtrack

Ciana Meyers chats with students studying classical music in three countries

New York, Paris and London are capitals that leave you dreaming or perhaps screaming as you struggle to decipher public transport. Personal associations aside, the city remains a timeless setting for artistic creation and performance. This creative aspect is enabled

An Alaskan Compass & Kaleidoscope: In Conversation with Shannon Donahue

Ciana Meyers speaks with the environmental activist and writer on her work fusing creative and scientific practices

Shannon Kelly Donahue is an American environmental activist and writer based in Haines, Alaska. Last month, she shared her vision with Trinity News. “I share the land with bears and moose and eagles and wolves,” Donahue remarked.  “Glaciers drip from …

100 years in Valletta

Alice Moynihan encourages Trinity students to visit Malta’s baroque masterpiece

First inhabited around 5200 BC by stone age farmers, likely from Sicily, and later taken over by the Phoenicians who sailed there from Lebanon, Malta is a tiny island nation often overlooked despite its capital’s unique UNESCO heritage status. Valletta

The limitations of labels

Sophia Barretto explores the complicated and sometimes overwhelming obsession with using labels to identify ourselves and our relationships, and whether we even can put ourselves in such small boxes at all

You know the story: a college student in their early twenties, exploring the depths and breadths of who they are, experimenting with the opportunities they come by, and maybe there is a lesson or two to be learned along the

By msmornington - Wikimedia Commons

Why decriminalising sex work is a feminist issue

Anna Lyons explores the criminalisation of sex work in Ireland and why decriminalisation may in fact be in the best interest of those who work in the industry

What is it about women’s bodies that have made them subject to continuous scrutiny, objectification and control? Like many other feminist issues, people can be quick to put sex workers in a box, to label them as “good” or “bad”,

Getting the Guests: How do the Hist and Phil do it?

Kate Byrne sits down with the leaders of the Hist and the Phil to ask how they have achieved their star-studded list of guest visitors

Over the years, both the College Historical Society (The Hist) and the University Philosophical Society (The Phil), have been known for their array of impressive guest speakers. From American senator Bernie Sanders to Irish influencer Keelin Moncreiff, both societies have …

Trinity Chess Tournament: The Future of Irish Chess?

Eoin Farrelly covers Trinity Chess Society’s tournament and explains what the future of chess could look like with the rise of online chess popularity.

Early Saturday morning, April 13, while the Trinity College campus was clearing away the scenes of the previous night’s Trinity Ball, down the road in Goldsmith Hall, the Trinity Chess Society was busy setting up chairs and tables for the …

An Irish Trad Supergroup of Their Own

Ciana Meyers reviews the performance of Irish trad group Macalla for International Women’s Day

The Sugar Club on Dublin’s Leeson Street was aglow with the soundscape of Ireland’s women on the evening of March 8. Macalla, an Irish traditional supergroup of women, first collaborated at the Dublin Folk Festival on International Women’s Day in