A true display of our darker Irish history

Elena McCrory discusses key pieces in the National Gallery’s new centenary exhibit: Keating’s Allegories of Change

An allegory is defined as a story, poem or picture that can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, typically a moral or political one. Keating’s Allegories of Change at the National Gallery’s Milltown Wing (Room 15) is a fitting

Reawaken Translation with JoLT

Matthew James Hodgson attends the launch of Trinity Journal of Literary Translation (JoLT) to celebrate the release of its latest issue

On November 24, the Trinity Journal of Literary Translation (JoLT) hosted a launch party for the release of its latest issue. The launch was hosted upstairs at Doyle’s Pub to celebrate the continued success of the magazine, now in its …

A letter to first-year law students

Sébastien Laymond’s advice on how to successfully get through your first year at the school of law

No. The rumours you’ve heard aren’t true. Law isn’t an impossibly strenuous and boring course. As the building block of society, it is a wondrous and tremendously important subject, and when applied correctly, it can do great wonders for us

A Unique Take on Disability

Ross Coleman gives us a preview of the new exhibition Unique: A Disabled Perspective run by the Trinity Ability co_op and the TCDSU

On 29th November, doors will be opened to the Trinity Ability co_op and TCDSU’s new exhibition Unique: a Disabled Perspective. This stunning exhibition, housed in the newly opened Printing House Square, features artwork and poetry on the topic of disability,

A cosy apartment benefits your mental well-being

Julie Frisch offers some ideas on how to furnish your place and where to get the decor from

People tend to underestimate the power of a cosy space when, in reality, the state of the apartment often goes hand in hand with the state of the mind. Especially for students. An uncomfortable, messy space is not the origin

Philia – the highest form of love

The Sex and Relationships team discuss what friendship means to them


Philia, according to Ria 

The word Philia (ϕιλία), like many other great concepts, comes from the Greeks. It is translated as the love that’s seen in friendship. Quite often in scholarly works philia is considered to be the highest form …

Capturing comedy: Ashes to Ashmore

Emma Lueders reviews Emily Ashmore’s latest comedy show Ashes to Ashmore

Emily Ashmore has had her fair share of medical procedures, and it seems that laughter is still the best medicine. The 22-year-old Dubliner has just launched her most recent show Ashes to Ashmore as part of the Dublin Fringe Festival …

A Freshers’ Freedom

Emma Gallagher examines the many friendships of Freshers’ Week

Freshers is one of the most important weeks in the social calendar of any student; every day of your Freshers experience feels like you’re meeting more people than would fill your home town. It can be daunting or exciting, or