The declassified guide to Halls

Ella Sloane breaks down the basics of living in Trinity’s Dartry Accommodation

Walking along the well trodden, leaf-littered paths of Dartry road and through the gates of Trinity Hall for the second September in a row, I am hit with a sudden wave of nostalgia. The memories held within the familiar walls

A round-up of Culture Night 2021 in Dublin

Ella-Bleu Kiely reflects on Dublin’s most magical Culture Night yet

Culture Night Dublin made its return on Friday, September 17 with a colourful bang, including over 200 participating venues and more than 250 in-person and online events for audiences to enjoy across the county. As what could be called the …

Intertwining intimacy, gender and sexuality

Experiences of being in an emotional, romantic, and sexual relationship are an important part of a trans person’s journey, writes Frank Wolfe

Around eight months ago, I got into a loving, romantic relationship. It was, and still is, exciting in all the usual ways, and has changed the way I feel about many different aspects of my life.  But ask me to …

All the World’s A Stage – So listen to our stories

мария страшилова discusses her upcoming piece of verbatim theatre that explores domestic abuse and sexual violence in Bulgaria.

Writer: мария страшилова

When I came to Dublin, one thing really fascinated me about its theatre: all of the plays I saw were focused on current sociopolitical issues. I loved it because in Bulgaria, where I am from, theatre may …

Putting inclusivity on our radars

Ella-Bleu Kiely talks to the Trinity Ability co_op about its Towards Inclusive Clubs and Societies Project

This Summer, the Trinity Ability co_op launched its Towards Inclusive Clubs and Societies Project. They describe themselves as an active cooperative movement led by students with disabilities towards creating radical inclusion in Trinity College Dublin. The project is funded by

Spotlight Society: TCD Engineering Society (Eng Soc)

Ruth McGann talks to Eng Soc’s Fergus O’Brien to see what the society has in store for this year

The discipline of engineering has a prestigious reputation, both in Trinity and across the world. Engineering students take on heavy workloads and long contact hours, clocking up an impressive number of hours in the lab. So how can a busy