Editorial: The government voting down a motion on free fees is as disappointing as it is unsurprising

A motion that sought to scrap third level fees gained little traction in the Dáil

The government has voted down a motion in the Dáil that would have drastically improved students’ quality of life. Students are no strangers to watching the government take stances against their needs, but this nonetheless represents blatant disinterest from the

Editorial: Our representatives seem to have forgotten the latent power of a union

The social progressivism this union claims to stand for cannot be neatly separated from larger political questions

A crucial function of a union, and social movements more widely, is their capacity to display solidarity with struggles they may not themselves face but which are acutely felt by others. In doing so, by banding together with others, a

Editorial: A new provost is a chance for a new Trinity

The upcoming provost election could disrupt the college’s status quo for the better

We now have the likely field for the provost election. While Professors Linda Doyle, Linda Hogan and Jane Ohlmeyer still have to apply for candidacy, be accepted, and secure the necessary nominations, it seems highly probable they will, given their …

Editorial: Irish housing policy is unjustifiable

Decisions made at a local and national level have costs that are measurable in human lives

In the last week of October, five homeless people died on Irish streets. The number of homeless people who have died in this country since the beginning of the year is now at least fifty. Their homelessness was by no …

Editorial: There’s no shame in struggling

This is an exceptionally difficult time, and it’s okay to feel overwhelmed

This past month has been disorienting, shocking and upsetting for just about everybody on the planet. After four weeks of social isolation and national lockdown even the most seasoned introverts among us are starting to go stir-crazy, and some are …

Editorial: The SU needs to be more political, not less

The presidential hopefuls are neither as agitated nor impassioned as the leader of a student movement needs to be

With another Student Union election season comes the inevitable debate around the SU’s value, its function, and its mandates as a political entity. The three candidates vying for the position of TCDSU president have supported at least some of SUs …

Editorial: This general election presents a major opportunity to break Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael rule

Ireland’s only hope for change lies in finding common ground among the parties of the left

With the general election fast approaching, a dramatic shift has emerged in the Irish electorate. For the first time in history, Sinn Féin has leapfrogged Fine Gael to command second place in the latest RedC poll. This general election could