Trinity News

Trinity News is your connection to 20,000 members of the Trinity College community. We are the oldest student newspaper in Ireland and the independent source of news for Trinity College.

Our range of advertising opportunities gives you the opportunity to directly reach our young, ambitious audience directly, in a format that suits you.


Since 1953, when our first issue was published, Trinity News has led the way in strong and original coverage of student issues. The complete redesign of our compact print newspaper has drawn in our widest ever audience. Our newspaper is read from cover to cover and often passed along, left in campus corridors and seating areas.

Our publisher, Trinity Publications, is the one of only a handful of student organisations allowed to distribute printed materials within College and we are not restricted by College’s exclusivity contracts.

Our dimensions (height by width) for the print edition are:

Full-page advert – 370mm x 289mm
Half-page advert – 185mm x 289mm
Qtr-page advert – 185mm x 145mm

Contact [email protected] for rates.


We also offer space for advertising on this website. Contact [email protected] to negotiate size, price and duration.

We do not offer paid article placement.