Trinity News 2022/23

Editor: Shannon Connolly ([email protected])

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Deputy Editor: Kate Henshaw ([email protected])

Assistant Editor: Ellen Kenny ([email protected])

Social Media and Managing Editor: Eva O’Beirne ([email protected])

Online Editor: Shannon McGreevy ([email protected])

Online Editor: Adam Balchin

Life Editor: Ella Sloane ([email protected])

Deputy Life Editor: Ella-Bleu Kiely

News and News Analysis

News Editor: David Wolfe ([email protected])

Deputy News Editor and News Analysis Editor: Aidan Cusack ([email protected])

Deputy News Editor: Caroline Higgins

Deputy News Editor: Evan Skidmore O’Reilly

Deputy News Analysis Editor: Sofia Ferrari-Bravo

Assistant News Editor: Charlotte Kent

Assistant News Editor: Faye Madden

Correspondent for College: Alan Nolan Wilson

Correspondent for Unions: Stephen Conneely

Correspondent for Government: Conor Healy


Features Editor: Lara Mellett ([email protected])

Deputy Features Editor: Eva Duggan


Comment Editor: Abby Cleaver ([email protected])

Deputy Comment Editor: Eve Conway


SciTech Editor: Lauren Vrbanic ([email protected])

Deputy SciTech Editor: Roisin Ferguson


Sport Editor: Shane Donnellean ([email protected])

Deputy Sport Editor: Paul Aramovic

Deputy Sport Editor: Jane Prendergast


Arts & Culture

Arts & Culture Editor: Elena McCrory ([email protected])

Arts & Culture Editor: Oona Kauppi

Deputy Arts & Culture Editor: Emma Lueders

Food & Drink

Food & Drink Editor: Maile Monteiro de Rocha ([email protected])

Deputy Food & Drink Editor: Katelyn Davis

Deputy Food & Drink Editor: Eoghan Conway

Sex & Relationships

Sex & Relationships Editor: Ria Walls ([email protected])

Deputy Sex & Relationships Editor: Catherine Grogan

Student Living

Student Living Editor: Julie Frisch ([email protected])

Deputy Student Living Editor: Emma Rouine


Societies Editor: Elisa Eckstein ([email protected])

Deputy Societies Editor: Ruby Topalian


Co-Head Copyeditor: Ruth McGann

Co-Head Copyeditor: Fionula Murphy


Alex Garrett

Anna Rice

Aoibhín Carr

Aoife Bennett

Connie Roughan

Emma Whitney

Jayna Rohslau

Jemima Sweetman Sutton

Lauren James Brennan

Liam Kiernan

Maisie Greener

Mira Bedi

Sadbh Boylan

Shana Delphine Beims

Siobhán Walsh



Head Photographer: Fern Kelly ([email protected])

Photographer: Sofia Ferrari-Bravo

Photographer: Corinne Mahon


Head Videographer: Marianna Mora ([email protected])

Videographer: Tess Nye


Art Editor: Sarah Murnane

Deputy Art Editor: Ishita Pachnanda


Podcast Host: Darragh Matthews

Podcast Team: Conor McDermott, Kate Henshaw, Ellen Kenny, Eva O’Beirne, Ella Sloane and Adam Balchin

Podcast Editor: Conor McDermott

Social Media

Deputy Social Media Manager: Rose Heaney

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