Fresher’s Week Monday with Trinity Ents

Ents’ Monday lineup provided a varied and exciting start to Freshers’ Week with Fashion Fest in the Pav and Baby Got Back in District 8


Trinity Ents kicked off Freshers’ Week yesterday with two events, ‘Fashion Fest’ in the Pav during the day, and the sold-out ‘Baby Got Back: Back to the 90s’ later that night in District 8.

Ents teamed up with the Fashion Society and the Visual Arts Society to hold their first event of Freshers’ Week. ‘Fashion Fest’ was held at the Pav and offered attendees the chance to customise their own t-shirts, take part in a henna workshop, watch a mini fashion show and have their faces painted, all while listening to a live DJ from Toast.

There was a good turn out and the bar was packed as students sampled the different activities. The tshirt spray painting went on in a tent outside and attracted lots of students looking to create something with a 90s vibe for the second event of the evening, while inside there was a lot of interest in the henna workshop.

The much anticipated second event of the day, ‘Baby Got Back: Back to the 90s,’ was a result of the combined efforts of Ents, DU Players and Trinity VDP.

District 8 was a great choice of venue for the night. Its spacious dancefloor, multiple bars and large smoking area meant that even though there were huge numbers at the sold-out event, the club didn’t feel overly packed.

The musical offerings were good, but not quite 90s enough for some, with one mildly disappointed student calling it “the usual club fare.” Even so, it got people dancing and everyone on the dance floor seemed to be having a great time. Luckily, the rain stayed off and so the vast smoking area could be enjoyed by those taking a break from the dancing.

Overall, Ents’ Monday lineup provided a varied and exciting start to Freshers’ Week.

Oisin Vince Coulter

Oisin was Editor for the 63rd volume of Trinity News. He is a Philosophy and Classical Civilisations graduate.