Trinity Ents gears up for new 11 day long RAG Week

This week’s events include the Rose of Trinity, the Trinity Games and Trinity Come Dancing


Rag Week kicks off next Monday with VDP’s  Rose of Trinity; Katie Cogan, student union entertainment officer, spoke to Trinity News about her plans for the week.

Rag Week will run this year for nearly two weeks, from Monday the 25th of January to Thursday 4th of February. It will contain a range of events with all proceeds going to charity.  Major events planned for the period week include: The Rose of Trinity with VDP, The Rag Dining Hall Quiz with TTV, Rumble for Rag with Suas, The Raise and Give Party, The Trinity Games, Chapel Gig with S2S, Trinity Come Dancing with DU Dance, Let’s Dance with David Bowie.

In terms of what most excites her in the run up to the week, Cogan has said that while she “really likes running night events” she is mostly looking forward to “seeing other people involved and engaged.”

The event she was most looking forward to, she told Trinity News, was the Blue Planet: “this event for me is the best I’ve ever done because of how cohesive the theme is,” she claimed. The event is partly inspired by David Attenboroughs nature documentary series of the same name and will involve an underwater theme. According to Cogan, this will be “more than an event – more like a piece of art.”

Cogan encouraged students to get involved and expressed that she liked Rag Week because it involved participation with several societies. She encourages students to to run their own events and mini fundraisers. Any students who needed assistance, should contact the Ents Committee, she said, stating that they can: “facilitate whatever they want within reason”. Rag Week, according to Katie, is a way to “get a good idea what the Ents committee do”.

Tickets for Rag Week events are now available from an app named YPlan, which she claimed has been fantastic and have been supporting Rag Week since the beginning.