A day in the life

Have you ever wondered what life is like from a different side of College? Two students from different disciplines take us through their day

Illustration: Sinaoife Andrews

The Arts Student

Name: Aislinn Brennan

Course: World Religions & Theology

Year: Junior Sophister


With World Religions being a course of few hours, I’m typically in town for 10.30am to make an 11am lecture. That’s just enough time to walk across College, get a coffee and reach my lecture in time without breaking a sweat.Theology is basically philosophy but with the existential questions and problems of God thrown in, so 11am is often far too early for my brain to cope with any deep questions. This means I end up spending the hour of my lecture dreaming about my second cup of coffee for the day.


My afternoons involve telling myself that I’ve far too much time on my hands and therefore can hang around with every single friend I meet. However this is sadly not true. Most afternoons I have a good hour for lunch so I spend that with friends in the Arts Building who also love to procrastinate. Once I have reached my peak avoidance of work, I head to the library or another lecture on religions in Asia or an ancient language.


I’m normally in till late with two lectures a week being on till 6pm or 7pm, which is grim. However it does give me the opportunity to catch up on those hours I wasted at lunch. Most of my lectures are held in the Arts Building  so I am naturally cooped away in the library for most of the evenings. What seems to always be a hunger fuelled slog to the Dart, ends up as being refreshing and it is always lovely to see the tempting glow of the Pav in the darkening evenings.

The student-nurse

Name: Becca Lalor

Year: Junior Freshman


With 9am starts Monday to Wednesday, I begrudgingly leave my bed around 7.30am to make some trusty Barry’s tea in a travel mug and eat breakfast. From St Stephen’s Green Luas stop I walk to D’Olier St, where all nursing and midwifery students study theory and attend lectures for half of the week. We normally have lectures till lunchtime. Being off-site most of the time, it’s really nice to go into college at lunchtime and grab some fresh air.


Normally I finish lectures by four or five. Sometimes I go to the Berkeley library to take out a book or use my laptop in those comfy chairs in Iveagh Hall; they’re the most comfortable thing in the whole of college to crash into after a hard day of sitting upright in a lecture theatre!  After the library, or shopping in Ranelagh on the journey home, it’s nice to get back to Halls and make a big mug of tea.


I kayak with the  Kayak club on Thursday nights and the sports centre is always alive with the buzz of people taking classes and working out. If I don’t have a society or club meeting in the evening time, I like to spend time cooking something convenient that falls into the box of fatigued, hot-food craving student. Some nights I go for a little run round Dartry and stretch out my muscles before getting ready to head to a club or have a quiet night with television and more tea.