This week in Trinity, from Christmas to culture

If you’re looking to relax or maybe just procrastinate the crippling amount of work that awaits you on Blackboard, there’s always an array of activities happening around campus to put your mind at ease

Art by Sinaoife Andrews

As winter officially sets in, with the daunting prospect of exams and essays looming overhead, it’s important to remember the fine balance between study and fun. If you’re looking to relax or maybe just procrastinate the crippling amount of work that awaits you on Blackboard, there’s always an array of activities happening around campus to put your mind at ease. From Christmas festivities to intriguing talks and debates, the events of this week cater to all students’ interests, whether that be a quiet evening in or a wild night out.

Beginning with Monday, a day normally filled with desperate attempts to catch up on readings, the day is dominated by TCDSU, who will stage Disability Day; a diverse event targeted to educate and “raise awareness of the different disabilities that affect college students” on both a physical and mental scale.  This well- rounded day begins at 10am with an Accessible Breakfast in 4017, for anyone in need of a morning pick me up.  At 2pm, the SU broaches the topic of Repeal and Disability, an intersection of human rights. This thought-provoking discussion is an event will also take place in room 4047 of the Arts Block. Followed by a Diversity in Leadership workshop at 7pm, an event designed to praise the challenges that some of our most poignant leaders have overcome on their path to success, the day will conclude at 8:30pm with Speak-easy; a collaboration with Litsoc and SpeakEasy in which our diverse means of communication will be thoroughly explored through poetry. More information on all theses events can be found on the TCDSU Facebook page.

Monday also marks the beginning of festivities in college as the Provost will officially welcome the Christmas season by turning on the Christmas tree lights in Front Square at 5pm. Alongside hot beverages, mince pies and some seasonal carols provided by the Christian Union,  this is an event for all holiday lovers to attend. And to warm up after, why not attend the Trinity Ents event ‘Tunes for Choice’ in the South William an event sure to get you in the festive spirit.

If dancing isn’t your scene, SOFIA are hosting a talk with the French Ambassador to Ireland, H.E. Stéphane Crouzat, a new addition to Macron’s administration. Set in the Thomas Davis theatre, this politically intriguing event will be followed up by wine, cheese and chats in the Phil conversation room. What more could you really want from a night?

Tuesday promises a wide range of diverse activities. Litsoc are continuing their routine cultural reading in collaboration with the TCD Japanese Society, and will proudly host Japanese Lit in the Global Room from 6:30pm. This is the perfect event for those looking for a nice night in, as well as a bit of Japanese cuisine. And once you’re finished there, why not head over to the Women in the Arts, hosted by DU Players and and DU Gender Equality. This supportive feminist event is a great way to show opposition to the recent revelations of harassment in the music and film industry. Speaking of music, the Trinity Belles will perform live in Whelans with songs ranging from Christmas classics to some clubbing favourites.

If you’re captivated by the savvy world of debating then this is the week for you. Tuesday will also see the final of the Craobh Maidens na Gaeilge, aka The Irish Maidens Champions. This cultural event will see its conclusion at 7pm in the House of Lords, where two teams will come to head over the motion “The media does more harm than good in today’s society”. For those of you more accustomed to debates through English, The Hist will also be offering a conclusion to their own Rosaleen Mills Maidens debates. At 7:30pm in the GMB, prepare yourself to witness two team go head to head over the motion ‘Forgiveness is no Virtue’.

Featured on Wednesday is Fashion Society’s live photoshoot and drinks reception. This glamorous evening will be held on 12 Henrietta street, where Fashion Soc will host their models, alongside a live DJ and free drinks. And if you especially love free drinks, then the Winter showcase is right up your alley. Hosted by DU Dance Trinity and Trinity Musical Theatre Society, this is a jam-packed evening, with a wine reception and an afters in Wah Wah Club.

To end your week on a musical note, Trinity Hall are presenting their production of Into the Woods. Charging only 5 euro for tickets, this will run on Wednesday and Thursday night and is organised entirely by students. A yearly success, this is a sure way to end your week on a relaxed note. Friday will also bear witness to the talented photographers of Trinity as DUPA host their annual Christmas exhibition. This years theme is ‘light’ and will feature many of the amazing photographic works by Trinity’s best and brightest. Head over to the GMB at 6:30pm for a magical end to your week in college.

Mairéad McCarthy

Mairéad McCarthy is a former Deputy Life Editor for Trinity News.