A true battle of sound and soul at Tramline

Dearbhla Morgan reports on the the versatile final heat of Trinity’s Battle of the Bands, with each band seeking a spot on Trinity Ball’s main stage

Photo Credit: Dearbhla Morgan/ Trinity News

“This is the best attended soundcheck we’ve ever had.” This was directed to the small group of people who were the first to arrive at the venue for the final heat of Trinity’s Battle of the Bands competition.

When doors opened at 8:30pm last night, Stray Melody, one of the acts competing that night, were still in the process of a tech rehearsal. This gave the band a chance to engage with the crowd before their set and gave us a taste of what was to come.

Coincidentally, Stray Melody was the first band up to play. Opening the show, though a difficult task, proved simple for this three piece band as their upbeat vibe and pleasant harmonies got the crowd revved up for the rest of the show.

The band’s rendition of the Jungle Book song I Wanna Be Like You was particularly interesting as the music had a darker undertone. This unique take on a classic made them a strong contender for the winning spot in the competition.

Ghost Print were next up to the stage and with them they brought a completely different sound to their predecessors. This band, lead by a female vocalist, played a contradiction of tones.

The musicians managed to make their sound both heavy and mellow at the same time. This lead to an interesting set and in particular, the lead singer’s soprano voice crafted an ambience that was almost haunting, staying true to their name.

The Enzymes bravely followed with their own talented members. Beginning with the classic jazz piano for Feeling Good, the music quickly segwayed into what was a reminder of the Muse take on this piece of music.

This introduced us to a heavy rock feel with a full band to back the female vocalist. However, this band used their set to show off their versatility, with the bassist taking over vocals for one song to lead a Led Zeppelin mashup “As the Crow flies”, as well as our female lead returning to give a sentimental cover of the Parting Glass. Altogether this band showed their ability to adapt and take risks in their performance.

The final act to take the stage last night was ‘Cooks but we’re Chefs’. Again, the audience was introduced to a completely different band and sound. This group of musicians included two trumpet players and a saxophone, an indication of the type of music that we were about to experience.

This seven seven piece group of guys sported an eighties aesthetic which added to the groovy sound of their music. Choosing to play two purely instrumental pieces also made this particular group stand out.

After a speech thanking the judges, organizers and all others involved in the production of the event, the result was announced. ‘

The Enzymes’ came in second place, while ‘Cooks but we’re Chefs’ took the winning spot and will go on to the semi final to compete for the coveted slot on the main stage at Trinity Ball 2018. The results were no surprise as the winners had truly captured the audience.

Of the four bands that played last night, despite their diverging sounds, all shared one thing in common; original music.

This was a really great attribute for all the musicians as the level of detail found in each of the pieces is very encouraging and shows potential for a new wave of talent to enter the Trinity music sphere.