Senior Dean calls meeting of Capitations Committee to resolve Trinity Publications dispute

Meeting comes after a vote of no confidence in former Chair Clare McCarthy last term

Photo by Joe McCallion

The Senior Dean, Professor John Parnell, has called a meeting of the Capitations Committee to resolve a complaint made against Trinity Publications.  The complaint was filed by former Chair of Trinity Publications, Clare McCarthy.

The complaint alleges that McCarthy’s removal from the Chair of Trinity Publications was “Invalid and Unfair”. McCarthy was removed from the position after a vote of no confidence in Michaelmas Term.

The complaint was referred to the Capitations Committee under article 4.5 of the Capitations Committee Terms of Reference. Both the Junior and Senior Dean investigated the issue after examining reports from both parties and consulting Clare McCarthy.  

The Capitations Committee contains representatives from the five capitated bodies. These are Dublin University Central Athletic Club, the Central Societies Committee (CSC) ,Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU), the Graduate Students Union (GSU) and Trinity Publications.

As Chair of the Capitations Committee, the Senior Dean divides the capitation fund amongst the College Capitated Bodies. Alleged breaches of the College Disciplinary Code are also referred to the Senior Dean. In accordance with College regulations and statutes the Senior Dean can then take further action.

Speaking to Trinity News, Parnell said that although he could not provide further comment on the referral of the complaint to the Capitations Committee, a meeting to resolve such a dispute is a “rare event”.

The meeting will take place on 13 February at 11.00am.

Additional reporting by Rory O’Neill.